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That is all

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My Team Sucks

Senior Member


Some of the people I play with rage alot.
Edit: This is the list of the hardcore ragers I will play with along the last few hours I'll be on for tonight.
Game 1: Sejuani raging at me for going 0/2. Fair enough. I would be a little sad too.
Game 2: I kept ganking Heimer. He went 2/4 in 15:32 minutes.
Game 3: 2/7 Kassa badgering me for asking him to stop pushing or buy wards.
Game 4: 317 CS Nasus. Enemy glasscannon Tryn complaining Nasus OP.

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Game 4: for the love of god, you can feed the nasus 5+ kills, but don't fking let him farm that q. a farmed q will chunk half your nexus turret in 1 hit - literally, i'm not exaggerating