A Dark Day (Continuous Intake RP)

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For Those who live alone ((P.S. This is the Mun btw, meaning you, behind the computer))

Its been a boring day today, somehow. You had nothing really to do, work/school was out and You decide just to relax and screw around on League. You play a few games, you win a couple but not all of them. when you look up its already time for bed so you go to bed so you do your routine and go to bed.

In the middle of the night you hear someone break into your house. as you try to get up they have already managed to find you. All you remember after that is seeing the gas grenade go off, knocking you unconscious.

For those who live with others. (Family)

It was a exhausting day. You just came home from wherever you were and you decide to hit the hay early. Of course you decide to check out stuff on the internet before bed. You quickly fall asleep

You don't even have time to react as your house is broken into. You are quickly knocked unconscious with a blow to the back of the head. That is all you remember of that night.

For those who participated in the Unexpected Test of life.

It has been an interesting day of using/abusing your powers. its been 5 years since.... THAT incident. You go back to your house and decide to play some league. After living in the world for so long you have really gotten attached to the champions and even dabbled more in Role playing. You look up from your clock and realize how late it is. You shut down your computer (or not) and hit the hay.

At night you hear a familiar sound. You try to get up but are quickly restrained from behind. These people have powers just like you! You smell a familiar smell of knock out gas, but it only slowly affects you. You break free and start to fight back, but then.... *Black*


You feel groggy as you wake up restrained to a table. For some this is very familiar. For others this is a very scary moment. a voice can be heard, one of which many of you can remember. it simply says, "Time to sleep."

((Alright, that took 2 hours. Anyways, This is a continuous intake RP all about your reactions of waking up in your own body in Runeterra. This is a middle point for the Tests of life 3 part series, in which book 1 died. (Sniff) So here are some basic things for you to know.

Night - Bleh too hard to regulate, i will randomly give out hints as the story comes along

Powers - You start with all of these powers: (A) The ability to locate other people from reality. (B) The ability to locate your OC or champion. (C) The ability to use your OC or Champion's abilities in combat (Only for New Test Subjects)

Veterans to series - You guys have all your powers and full knowledge of them. and full knowledge of the situation. You also have taken a slight apperance of your OC/Champion and even some of their characteristics may have taken over. (EG. Be more brave than usual)

Rules - No GodModding, No Jerkish behavior, OCC must be either after a IC statement or in the OCC Thread (This one).

Health - That is it for this one. Please either do numerically or with figures. (Eg. 200/200 or broken leg and bleeding.)

Characters - Everyone controls themselves and their OC of their choice. Vets do not have to choose their Test of life OC if they do not want to.

Limit - N/A Really i have no limit on people. It only hindered the last book.

Spawn points - This has been revised to 2 main spawn points, YOU YOURSELF can spawn with the group. The group spawns in the Institute.


Signing up -

Easy just do this template

Summoner Name:
(Vets only) OC/Champion who you share abilities with:

Finally as a last word, I'm sorry for being so inactive as of late and I'm sorry to all those guys who actually enjoyed the Unexpected Test of Life RP. If you want to necro it we can try to revive it sometime later. The map of Runeterra that we will be using is attached. Hope you people like the idea! if not as usual, just leave the thread to die.))

The Subjects:

Summoner Name: Scooter
OC/Champion: Dante

Summoner name: Ask The Jester
Champ: Shaco

Summoner name: dwt12345
Champ: Zac

Summoner Name: Ask Starchild (Vet)
OC/Champion: Soraka

Summoner Name:Ask the String
OC/Champion: Sona

Summoner Name: TelosRyu
OC: Oracion Zanihil

Summoner Name: Kage Muteki (Vet)
OC: Kage Muteki

Summoner Name: Hammdog (Vet)
Champion/OC: Mundy Lawrenson

Summoner Name: Aproxima (Vet)
OC: Ruby

Summoner: Ask Zyra

Summoner: Ask Kayle
Champion: Kayle

Summoner: Neroth
OC: Zear

Summoner: Ask the Radiant
Champ: Leona

Summoner Name: muggtonp
OC/Champion: Johun Othone

Summoner Name: comeplaywithJINX
Champion: Jinx

Summoner Name: Ask the Butcher
OC/Champion: Renekton

Summoner Name: FilFire
Current OC: Firon
OC of previous chapter: Rokan

Summoner Name: 13loodzkrieg
OC: Elyssia Ṛsach

Summoner Name: HyperDriveX
OC: Night Marusara

And Because i refuse to give up on this Bipolar Romanian:

- Character: Tybresa Farrister-Cassalantar
Summoner Name: Tybresa

((Map of Runeterra we are using is in OCC thread found HERE


Summoner Name: JamesIII
OC: Jared

I am active on the forums Sunday from 12 to 9 and Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday from 3 to 9 and on Wed from 1:30 to 9. I do not post on SATURDAY. All this is in PST))

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((Here is the Opening statement, yes me and my OC will be joining you guys, he and i aren't listed currently. So here is suggestions, Use first person when you are playing as your self and use third when using OC/Champ AND if you leave the group put in BOLD where you are. P.S. We are all in a group in the institute.))

The Institute
I wake up to find myself laying on my back. I know whats going on and i knew that it would happen eventually. I pick myself off the ground and look around seeing that I'm surrounded by similarly unconscious people. Names James Issac The Third. Surprisingly enough i survived being put back here. And only one thought runs through my mind as i sit there waiting for the others to wake up... Who? and What would dare to use my own technology against me...

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Ask The Jester

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I awake from a rather black and bland mind. What had happened? Could this be connected to the pot I bought last night? Man I really need to have a talk with that dealer. As I slowly rise, looking around I see a man standing in the center of a strange room somehow musty and almost dark. But somehow I could see? How is this possible? Was it actually lighter then I thought or could I have somehow adjusted my eyes this quickly? I stood up and walked over to the man standing.
"What is this place and why am I here? I need to get back to my family!"
(( Is this the right format? ))

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((Its fine.))

Another one awakens and asks me a simple question. I sigh and say

"Welcome to Runeterra, where we will most likely be stuck for... the rest of eternity? or maybe a couple of years at the least. So who did you use to role play as?"

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((Can't sleep >_> And I can't find Jinx in my head right now - she's back there somewhere, but being extremely uncooperative - so I figured I might as well get started in here)

The Institute

I wake up slowly; which is pretty typical for me, to be honest, but today something feels different. Today, instead of being twisted up in warm, soft blankets with a loud, obnoxious, but loveable cat yowling at me for food, I'm somewhere else. The ground is hard and uncomfortable beneath me and my muscles ache from spending the night (or longer - I can't tell what time it is) curled up on solid stone. I can hear voices somewhere above me but I don't open my eyes yet. If I keep my eyes shut I might go back to sleep and wake up in my bed again. This might be a dream.

A spasm of pain in my shoulder makes me gasp and I uncurl, pushing myself up and digging my fingers into the knotted muscle in a feeble attempt to loosen it. The pain fades in ebbing waves, leaving me holding my right shoulder in my left hand as belated dizziness makes my head spin. I finally open my eyes and it takes a moment for them to adjust to the darkness. When they do, I see two human-shaped figures standing a few feet away from me, and many more laying on the floor around us. I close my eyes again and shift backwards until I find a wall; when I do, I lean my head back against it and draw my knees up into my chest, wrapping my arms around them to keep myself contained.

I feel the panic attack rising in my chest like bile and I take a few deep breaths to steady myself. It doesn't work. My heart is pounding in my chest and all I can do to stop myself from screaming is whisper a familiar mantra over and over again: "I will not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear and will let it pass through me."

I don't care if the standing figures hear me. I'm sure they'd prefer the repetition to the screaming, crying mess that it's holding at bay.

((well, that was long. It won't always be that long, I promise!))
((EDIT: Like Zyra below me, I am female. Huzzah!))

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Ask Zyra

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The Institute

"Oh... my head..." I say as I drag myself into the sitting position, as I slowly begin to open my eyes I give a little yelp of pain. Slowly it dawns on me that I'm not at home. "OH GOD, WERE AM I!" I say springing to my feet, A wave of dizziness overtakes me and I collapse onto my butt. "this isn't real, this isn't real" I say assuming the fetal position with my hands over my head.

((putting out there that I'm a girl before someone refers to me as a guy and I murder them))

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((I may need to note that... NAH))

I see the other 2 awake, simple reactions for waking up in a strange place. I get up and walk over to them, i kneel down near them so they can both hear me clearly

"Just relax, we are in one of the safest places in Runeterra, i understand you both are confused and scared but you need to get a hold of yourselves. I don't want your powers to go haywire and kill all of us before the others get a chance to wake up. So just take deep breaths and count to 10."

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The Institute of War

Oh lordy, my head...

I struggle to force my eyes open and sit up. My entire body aches all over.

Nope... not ready yet...

I collapse from my sitting position and lose consciousness again. I wake up again a while later and sit up, my body still feeling like a train wreck. "Where... where am I?" I look about the area, recognizing its polished, marble floors and proud banners. Only one place looked like this.

The Institute of War.

"Oh god, not again..."I struggle to rise to my feet, failing a few times, before finally standing upright. "Why is this happening again...?"

Five years. Five whole years had passed since that happened. I think it had a bit of a lingering effect on me; I was a little leaner, a tad swifter, and much more snarky at times. I had also found out I was able to do some of my creation's own tricks, and had grown rather fond of my stormy magics, but I kept them secret. "Now, who else is here...?"

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Ask Zyra

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The strange man does little to calm my nerves, and when he leans down near me my instincts take over and I kick out my leg to try to sweep him, if it succeeds he will end up face first on the floor, either way I roll away and jump to my feet ready to fight. "I don't know who you are but get the hell away from me." I say with as much bravado as I can muster while fighting the waves of nausea threatening to overtake me.

((I'm just gonna go ahead and say it again here, 13 years of martial arts. I'm assuming whatever skills I have... well I have, if that makes sense.))

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Ask the Butcher



I groan as I sit up, the joints in my back cracking as I did so. I blink away the blurring in my eyes as I stretched. This was strange, why did this place look familiar? It was only then that I realized exactly where I am. The Institute of War, from League... a VIDEO GAME.

"What the ****? Where the hell am I?"

((This character is female))

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