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Got kicked out of a game

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The SupremeElite

Junior Member


So I was playing in a ranked 5v5 today and 40 minutes or so in the game I stopped moving. I tried reconnecting but it didnt work. Im pretty sure it wasnt lag because my internet was still good and my fps was great throughout the game. Anyways I logged out and tried to log back in and reconnect but every time i tried reconnecting a pop up came up saying that the I am unable to go in the game i was playing. Then after logging off and logging back in I just get back to the lobby. I check my match history and there was no evidence of there being a game at all. So I'm wondering if I am the only one who experienced this problem. Also can someone explain to me what happened

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Sometimes the games themselves get dropped. Its happened to me before are well. I log on select my champ. I get as far as the first 2 seconds of the game and bam i cant move go into shop, so i relog like you but wont let me rejoin. Close the client and resign in completely and game is gone. I think it happens due to lag on the game servers side and all players get ejected from the game. It doesn't effect your stats just annoying more then anything else