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TT Turrets (An observation)

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Ok, ran a few tests on TT and SR. Here is the test:

Took Mundo to TT and SR. Stats same as before (699 Health, 51 Armor, 26 hp5).

1) Ran to near the very edge of the Turret range and started recording.
2) Moved Mundo as slowly as I could to the very edge of the turret, just so it would "light up" and start attacking.
3) Let the turret kill Mundo and stapped recording.
4) Opened to a video editing software, loaded the videos, and cut the videos such that they started exactly when the turret "lit up" and stopped right when my screen when grey.

Below are the times that I found, which are what I believe are decent approximations for anyone replicating what I did.

SR - Turret killed Mundo in an average of 6.45 seconds
TT - Turret killed Mundo in an average of 7.8 seconds
Total difference - 1.35 seconds

This backs up what I found initially with a few trials and a stop watch. There is clearly, without a doubt in my mind, a difference in the turrets. My question now is why?

Both Dominion and Proving Grounds have a special buff to accommodate the difference in the map, and I believe (though I haven't tested those) the turrets behave differently. Yet in TT, we play with the same champs, without any special buff, but our turrets are for some reason different.

Personally, I would love to see TT turrets buffed and changed with those in SR. It's been too long (or never?) since TT got any attention. However, this is just my opinion based on the findings.

How do you all feel? If you want to see some change, like the post and maybe we can get something done.

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Bumping and looking for others' input.