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WTB: New Dominion Champion

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I've been enjoying Orianna and Fizz in dominion personally

When Orianna takes a nearby teammate for a pinball bumper for her ball, she can dish out surprising midgame damage and control the field. Personally I love the Orianna+Lulu teamup with the crazy amount of steroid (Orianna's in pretty much active half the time in dominion) and damage output

Fizz is a fun technical fighter, you can use his invuln frames on top of enemy turrets to safely finish off players, and combined with that item that scales with hp, you can erase health bars insanely fast with the trident.

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Update: I picked up Skarner. He can be pretty challenging to play against certain Dominion picks, but hes rewarding and can really do some damage as well as lead an effective team, turning a 4v4 top into a 4v3 very quickly with his ult. Lot of fun.

Second: Im almost up to 6300 IP, who should be my next champion? I'll probably hold out for the next champion to see how she is. She has a aoe pull and slow in one, a ranged poke (with some kind of dot effect or debuff?), her ult has a dash and can refresh for escapes or chase...

Looks interesting.

Did you have an archetype in mind for your next purchase?
Personally I'll be buying Diana almost certainly, seems like she'll be pretty cool.