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Brethren of the Blade Recruitment

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The Jade Fist

Senior Member


Now i'm doing this in new players area for a reason, I suck at this game apperently, and am looking for other lvl 30 players who also suck like me.

So if you're a new level 30 or close to it, and are interested in a competitive team that isn't exactly the most pro ever, throw me a pm in game or leave a message here.

Together we can figure out why/ where we suck, so we can improve on it, vs cussing out / getting cussed out by people in random solo queues which never really helps you improve or figure out what you did wrong.

Even if you died 10 times got 0 kills its perfectly possible its not entirely your fault, thats the goal of this team.

So if you're looking for a team thats not 100% pro and want to have some fun and improve yourself.