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Ban untill

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This account has been suspended until May 04, 2286 due to banning from the Tribunal. Please visit http://support.leagueoflegends.com for more information...................

Why what have i done i have never trolled in a ranked game....
I encourage my team when where down....

And ill only "Curse" when there are kids on this game that are talking bad about players they troll and use abusive comment/racial slurs....

However they little of that I get ban to a year ill surly be dead by....
Its sad this community has so many troll and so many foul mouths on this game but i have yet to see one of them banned i see one ever day in ranked

They need to fix the community it getting bad I had over 300 hundred dollars on this game.
It was fun and I fell like i just got robbed I never had any kinda of other bans on behavior or such just on leaves and afk's not my fault things come up but i took those bans but out of no where, ban till 2286 awesome job your doing here riot.

Please visit http://support.leagueoflegends.com for more information
^^^^ Why do u put this here if there no way in getting your account back there no absolute way of getting my account back and that "Bull" and I find that word appropriate for this situation thanks for taking my money but....

I would really really appreciate my account back .. u guys will never know how it fell to loss 300 dollars till u lose it your self ....

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You can always contact support to see if there was a mistake...

But permanent bans don't happen by chance or after the first offense, they're after at least 3 previous bans and a warning (unless it was an exceptionally grievous offense), and when Riot feels the player no longer has any chance at being rehabilitated.

(Even if there was a mistake, the forum isn't the place for it, open a ticket or email support, there's a link at the top of the page.)