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Darius bug?

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Since he is unplayable i'm curious what the bug was/is. I'm suspecting its the whole ultimate refreshes after kill thing, but just a guess.


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Shrouded Soul:
I'd played a "Catch The Teemo" game on rift and an unexpected incident accured.

During the game i played the champion Shaco, as usual i stacked my boxes on a high traffic area on Summoner's Rift, around red buff where teemo was hiding. While I was doing this i noticed that our ally Darius was at blue buff. About one minute later all i hear is, "DOUBLE KILL, TRIPLE KILL, QUADRA KILL, PENTAKILL!" This is 2 minutes in game....

I have no clue what happened, although people in the game are in total awe. This Darius had summoner spell teleport and with research i found the same glitch posted on youtube that this Darius had exploited.

Here is the link:

This is not the same game that i had played.

Hey guys, we're aware of this issue and have currently disabled Darius until we can push a fix out.

TBH im happy hes gone for now