Brand vs. Annie

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brand's ratios are better, however, and he does significantly more aoe damage. Especially if an enemy team is clustered. He does better lategame than annie, who shines early and then kind of suffers from her short range and low ratios later on.

If you are playing against annie as brand, i would recommend you attempt to poke her from range, if possible. She's pretty slow and has no sustain, and the ranges in her spells are quite short.

If you can tag her with a spell here and there, your passive should chip away at her health. Most people forget that if you use conflagration on a burning minion, it spreads, and applies damage and your passive dot.

Try to tag her with that when she moves in close to farm, since her q range is pretty short. Her auto-attack range is deceptively long, however.

I would also recommend getting maybe a catalyst early to bulk up a little, so she can't 100-0 you with her burst.

Against a jungler, there's not much to say expect to watch her patterns. If she suddenly starts saving a stun and playing incredibly passive to bait you into pushing, likely there's a jungler waiting for her to flash-bear-ignite-q-w on you.
??????????????????????????are you kidding? I love that annie burst late game

also annie has short range. you can outharrass her. an annie is likely to get close when casting q. if she has no stun and tries to harrass, pull a eqw combo.