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To the person who suggested the three mid strategy

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Nile Strom



Three mid is pretty bad if you can't kill the mid laner over and over your splitting gold and exp three ways well the mid may get less gold your team will very often fall of hard as you get out leveled. I had a normal draft pick game where the enemy team tried to do this we when with the normal top,mid,jungle,support and adc they had no smite a left neutral buffs because bot was 2v1 for us we could zone the ez play bot hard well making his life hell every time he went to last hit because of the poke from mf and sona. The only real affect it had to our team play was jungle Udyr had to stay in and around mid more to deal with the early game pressure on the turret. they took the turret early and then kat just had to farm back a bit we soon out leveled them in mid game and it was gg from there.