Urgot post patch

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So I just saw the patch today and was trying to figure out if urgot got a fix or a nerf. It seems that the spell that does most of his damage got a huge buff.....but the lock on is on a longer cd. Also his ult got a range nerf which is kinda lame. The thing is to have the same damage as before you get acid hunter to level 3 get the corrosive charge lvl 5 so by level 9-10 you have more overall damage. This also kind of buffs his late game since he scales alot better. Also I feel this also shifts the value to cdr even more. Rather than going for 30% cdr (for full shot potential) I'll go for 40ish(probably around 38) to offset the early game cool down. Also Ive been only leveling his shield up to lvl one early game since last patch because it already got kind of a nerf.

Let me know what you guys think