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Why isn't Elo based on K/D/A or something else?

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Running Naked Fat Man

Senior Member


wrong forum

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K/D doesn't mean anything.
It depend on your role in the team and the carry of the team will get most of kill.
A support bitche will sacrfice often to save the carry.
Tank get few kill but fewer death.

The fact you're thinking K/D > W/L explain why you're losing.
It's not the one who get most kill that one it's the team that destroy the nexus.
Or the team psychologicaly dominating and make the oppenent surrender.
The fact that you're making such a whine thread means you're psychologicaly dominated and therefore a burden for your teammates.

Anyway those stats are hidden.

Did I mention that almost every game base their Elo on win/lose?

Also get friend and go arranged team game.

Another final note good player don't care about the stats to have a good looking profile they want to improve their skill above all, the stats follow.

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A Cantaloupe

Junior Member


My last match I played Morgana and my score was 2/2/30. I firmly believe that I made the biggest difference in this entire fight, and would be pissed that I got less of an elo boost because I played a support character instead of being a damage dealer