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[Tournament] Hello! I'm here to introduce the League's Cup and Legend's Cup

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Hi guys! I'm here to announce the new tournaments hosted by True Elo gaming community League Cup will focus on teams below the Gold rating (<1520) while the Legend Cup will be open to all teams. Again, teams of any elos can sign up for the Legend Cup!!

Format is simple.

- Eight teams for both tournaments
- Games played on Summoner's Rift
- Round Robin style
- Five starters and three subs
- Single elimination, bo1 for Round Robin
- Single elimination, bo3 for rounds thereafter
- Thinking about adding a loser's round robin bracket but that'll be official when I make my mind up
- Note the elo requirement for League Cup [<1520 elo]
- Please be level 30
- Round Robin will take place next Saturday, July 28th and further rounds will take place on Sunday, July 29th

Registering is easy too.
- Please email [email]trueelo@gmail.com[/email] stating which cup you are participating in in the subject line. In the email please state your team name, five starters and three subs.
- Teams will be selected based on the time they submit the email (the earlier the better)

All five starters on the 1st place team will each receive a $10 RP card. I applied for the Riot pool and they said I need to apply a month beforehand. Please sign up anyway! It should be a lot of fun regardless.

I will let you guys know who made it in the tournament. Stay updated with the brand new Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/trueelogaming If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments or through email. Email again is [email]trueelo@gmail.com[/email]

EDIT: Format
EDIT2: All five starters on the 1st place team will each receive a $10 RP card.