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Double Support team comp idea

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2-1-2 Early Heavy Push and Lane Clear
Top-Lane: A great clear champ (ex: Renekton) and a 0-cs Support that fights Bruisers well (ex: Nunu).
Mid-Lane: An AP Carry/Assassin with very strong clear (ex: Twisted Fate).
Bot-Lane: A durable RADC (ex: Graves) and a bruiser 0-cs Support (ex: Blizcrank). Optionally, run double-bruiser bot, and send your RADC top.

General tactics: All lanes clear the enemy creep wave and push to turret as quickly as possible, feeding the CS to one of the champs in top or bot, immediately falling back once their creeps start hitting the turrets to pick up a Jungle camp (wraiths mid, golems/wolves bot, or buffs if they're up). Outer turrets will take damage and fall quicker when the team wants to push them down.

Advantages: Enemy top lane gets shut down very hard, and both mid and bot will lose CS trying to farm under turret unless they can clear with similar speed as your team. Jungler can come to assist top, but will not be built to act as a support and, as a result, may not be able to give a significant benefit in terms of farm.

Drawbacks: Less Dragon and buff control, no jungler means even a single death in mid or bot will let the other team grab Dragon uncontested. As a result, it's important that bot-lane in particular be durable (hence the possible double-bruiser team bot). One of the bot-lane champions *could* carry Smite to help, but that's risky. It's also important for each support to keep track of their respective buff and take it as soon as it's up, since you can bet the enemy jungler will try to take it without a dedicated jungler on your side.

Counters: Champs that rely on a strong lane phase to snowball top (ex: Riven), gank-oriented junglers (ex: Alistar).

Gets Countered By: Any Jungler that can solo dragon (ex: Shaco), or is a strong counter-jungler (ex: Shyvanna), or good 2v1 champs in top (ex: Yorick).