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My Mundo strat

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When i play mundo i tend to go for
5.whatever you didnt get in step 4/proceed to step 6 and do this a bit later
6. warmogs..... 3 of them

In teamfights i just either rush for their ad or ap carry, depending on who is more dangerous. I prefer to go for their ad carry as they have thwe highest sustained damage.
With this strat the fight ends up being somehting like a 4v4 or 3v4 as they might ahve someone trying to peel and they dont ahevg their carry. ridiculous regen/resistances/health makes it so they cant kill you unless there are 3+ people all focusing you in which case you most likely win that fight due to them focusing the tankiest person in the game.
i dont really see how you will lose with this in soloq due the sheer lack of communication.

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4 warmogs is maybe a BIT overkill. You get more effective health by boosting MR/armor instead.

With Randuins, Force of Nature, tabi, Warmog, you've got pretty well balanced defenses. A wits end and atmas will both give you more offense, while boosting defense as well.

Aegis is a nice 5th item too, and a Frozen Mallet will give you WAY more stickiness and utility than another warmog.