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Common problems and probable solutions

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Software Engineer


i changed the resolution in game and now before every game. Attention Out of Range H:79.8KHz V:74.9Hz.. Pops up and i dont no how to fix it any ideas.

Delete your game.cfg file in the league of legends folder. This will reset all settings.

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Junior Member


About 1 in every 3 games, I pick my champion, lock in, the game starts loading just fine.
At about 98% Loaded (Just before it says "summoning&quot
The screen fades white-ish (as it would when a program is unresponsive).
And the game crashes, with no error message.

If I try to get right back on to the game, it simply crashes at 98% again.

The only two "fixes" I have found are re-installing league of legends, and restarting my computer.
(Which are ridiculous solutions for every third game, not to mention they both take long enough that I get a leaver penalty after I restart to get back in the game.)

Any ideas?

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Senior Member


Not sure if it's on the wiki yet, the solution to not seeing your friends online when they are, in fact, online. A bit sloppy, but it works.

"I know this happens after playing a game (whether normal or practice), when one of the person you played with is on your buddy list. It seems that, after showing the scoreboards and end-game chat room, clicking on the 'return to lobby' button makes the game consider you've left/logged out. I don't know how pvp works in the background, but it seems that it's not rejoining the right channel when it should be.

If you want to quickly fix this, try to start a normal or practice game. The lobby MUST be started in order for you to appear as back online. This means you have to go further than the first 'team size, map choice ...'-screen. Still annoying but not as tedious as restarting the whole thing..."

> Create Custom Game
> Go to Lobby (no need to go to champion selection, just to the section where you invite people or add bots)
> Back out
> List back to normal

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Junior Member


Hey... im having this annoying problem : I play like 5 games then in the 5thmidgame it crashes and I can only back to the game if I restart my pc... wtf is it? Im already searching for another game because its really pissing me off!!!

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The Aquatic Void



hey..... i have a problem : when i finish a game in League Of Legends it doesn't show me the results of the game instead is closes League Of Legends and i have to reopen it again and every thing .
so plz help me

note : i have re download League Of Legends many times

username : akmez97

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Junior Member


1 out of the many facing the infinite LoL Logo blinking on their screens. Tried everything on the forums thus far and have not yet gotten it to work. A few of the fixes seem to help small portions but still alot not fixed. Any real solution to this yet?