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Masteries help

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What is this famous 9/0/21 mastery build I keep seeing. I understand that it is 9 in offense, 0 in defense, and 21 in utility, but where are the points spent in each tree? obviously people have different variations but as a generally new player can someone help me by posting a general outline or a link to a forum post that gives a general skeleton or outline for the build?

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I'm gonna assume you were reading a guide for a caster or just generally someone would benefit greatly from Magic penetration, so then the 9 is in order to build up to archaic knowledge (penertrate 15% of the targets magic resist).

a quick suggestion on how to get there:
3 in Archmages savvy
1 in one of the other tier 1 offense
4 in sorcery (requirement)
1 in archaic knowledge

The 21 is to build up to presence of the master and you proberly should think about this one more yourself, just get the abilties you think will benefit your charter the most (for instance for a caster extra mana and mana regen are nice)