Kul' Ra, The Torturer

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Made 3 versions of this guy on a different board, all use variations of a whip blade figured I'd post it here for you guys.


Range= 500-550, somewhere around there

Passive: Whip Blade- Attacks deal more damage the closer the targets are.

Q: Arc Sweep- (active)Kul' Ra hits all targets in a semi-circle in the direction he is facing for some physical damage. +50 his attack range. (passive) readies itself after a certain amount of time and activates with no cost, just replaces next AA.

W: Chains that Bind- Kul' Ra swings his blade around himself to root all enemies within the radius for a second~ and deals physical damage.

E: Constricting Edge- Kul' Ra either pulls on enemy toward him and deals medium physical damage, or he pulls all enemies effected by Chains that Bind toward him for smaller physical damage with a slight lingering slow.

R: Day of Despair- for a short amount of time, Kul' Ra's range increases (effects all skills), and all auto attacks are replaced with Arc Sweeps (without the +50 from the skill itself).


Passive: Bladed Whip- Damage increases the further the targets are from Kul' Ra. This simple switch is mostly based on the ranged whip blade being different and working more like an actual whip, while the other version was a heavier+thicker sword with whip-like functions. Whip Blade vs Bladed Whip, get it? D:

Q: Serpent Swipe- Kul' Ra's whip blade slithers like a snake in the direction he's facing, hitting all targets in its path for decent physical damage when extending and retracting. First use it curves to the left side then back to the middle for the first 300 or so range, and to the right then the middle again. Think Diana's Q, with Sivir's Q for the retract, but consistent damage w/o the passive bonus added in yet. Every use would alternate the order it curves out also.

W: Relentless Lashes- (Passive) Kul' Ra's auto attacks gain increased range as long as he is attacking champions+minions often (think Jax) based on ability level, up to a cap based on ability level. Minions+monsters increase his range at a reduced rate, but can help maintain it longer. (Active) This ability can also occasionally be activated to further increase the range cap. His Q+E also can boost his range slightly, but not like constantly autoing will.

E: Mirage Cross- Kul' Ra sweeps his blade out in a fan aoe dealing some light physical damage, while at the same time jumping backwards.

R: Twin Terrors- Kul' Ra activates the mechanism of his blade, splitting it into two Whip Blades without effecting their individual strength too much. As a result, all of his auto attacks+offensive skills during this release hit twice for slightly reduced damage, and his autos also apply on-hit effects twice. Also, his skills gain added benefits.

Serpent Swipe instead sends two intersecting blades out, basically combining the alternate paths. Each blade hits two times seperately, so potentially you can hit 4 times at the intersections. Relentless Lashes just stacks up 2x faster, while Mirage Cross just gets a wider fan aoe, and hits 2x for a bit less damage each hit.

3rd version


Passive: Plagued Chain- Kul' Ra's attacks and abilities reduce the target's ability to heal from all sources, this effect stacks up to a cap, and fades after some time if not under attack by Kul' Ra.

Q: Flailing Torment- Kul' Ra rapidly swings his flail around him for some seconds, gradually increasing its aoe (like say wukong's ult but smaller at first then larger.), dealing physical damage over time. Stacks of plagued chains add extra damage.

W: Devil's Grasp- Kul' Ra thrusts his blade forward in a line skill shot, rooting+damaging the first target, which then attempts to bounce to enemy champions nearby to also damage+root them with a reduced effect. Stacks of plagued chains increase the root duration:

E: Hellish Descent- Kul' Ra either launches himself onto a target effected by Devil's Grasp and deals damage+slows nearby enemies if more than 1 champ is effected, or picks one target to fling himself to and deal more physical damage and a greater slow. Stacks of plagued chains increase the slow%.

R: Dance of Madness- Kul' Ra calls the favor of his god to battle, creating a field around him where blades will rapidly erupt from the ground for a period of time, hitting only champions within the aoe for physical damage. More stacks of plagued chains increase its damage.

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