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Need "Pro" help on how to make my own Jungle Builds

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So I'm what you would call a veteran player, i played other mobas and i have over 500 normal wins in lol, made a bunch of builds but never bothered making jungle builds since jungle seemed easy (tou its certainly a race for time)

Now instead I am more attracted to making jungle builds, but i haven't ever tested jungle builds so i have no familiarity with how much time is considered apropiate to take before ganking first, like if you are going to gank at level 2 or 3, how much time is deemed aceptable to take leveling to lvl 2 or 3, 1 minute? 2 minutes?

If anyone can i would like to hear opinions on how much time it should take me max before making the first gank etc, i have never compared time between builds or champs so I am in completly new territory, I can figure out routes but I never really checked how much time it takes me to do a route with each build.... so i dont know what a decent farm time is.

What is fail and what is win in jungle times, i have no friggin idea, thats what i want to know.

I know this isnt a guide, it should probably go on help but its guide related so i thought this might get more attention here since guides are more intensive than just normal help. Besides looking at the help forum, its just filled with technical help not game/build help lol.

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First of all it depends on the champion, and what your strategy is. Some champs level 2 gank a lot, some dont, for some its preference.

You will hit level 2 by doing either Wolves/Blue, or Wraiths/Red, depending on your champion. Then youre either ganking, or continuing to level 4 probably.

A standard blue buff path to level 4 and then gank would go: Wolves, Blue, Wraiths, back to Wolves, Red, Golems, (gank Bot/top depending on side).
Wolves, Blue, Wraiths, back to Wolves, Red, Wraiths, (gank mid).
Wolves, Blue, Wraiths, back to Wolves, Red, Wraiths, Wolves, (gank Top/bot depending on side).

Where you gank is decided by what lanes are pushed, and how the game is going. This occurs around the 4 minute mark for most junglers.

Note that speed changes in a ranked game vs your own testing, as people who leash for you will damage the wolves so you get to Blue at 1:55, and will damage blue to speed you up and save you hundreds of HP. Most champs shouldnt need to use a Cloth + 5 Pots build anymore, since the leash saves you so much hp. Cloth + Pots is basically Cloth + waste 175g. Boots+3 pots for an early gank, or another item like Regrowth Pendant + 1 Pot or Long Sword + 1 Pot are common for most junglers.

Almost every jungler uses armor yellows. Most use either attack speed reds or armor reds. Blues vary but many junglers use MR/level blues to become tanky for teamfights lategame. AP junglers might use AP blues, and some champs might use CDR. For quints, move speed is common, as are AS or AP. Check out guides for the champs you jungle. Some have specific builds or paths, such as Maokai who needs to have 20 starting AP and enough CDR in his build, and he can use planted saplings to do wraiths while he goes and does wolves and blue.

The jungle pathing is the easy part of jungling, its the ganking, map awareness, etc thats the harder parts.

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First, this is the place to put guides AND discuss strategy, which you are clearly doing. Don't be afraid to post good questions like this!

Secondly, if you youtube "Stonewall jungle" and whatever champ, you will find a pretty recent jungle video that shows a pretty optimal path for jungling as well as items.

Third, use the CUSTOM GAME ability. Load up with bots in a 5v5 and practice jungling there. Take HEAL as your first summoner which simulates your allies giving you a good leash. Ignite works too.

This gives you an idea of how your champ will jungle. They kinda messed it up lately so that a 5v5 bots will go 2 top, 2 bot and mid is where YOU are supposed to be.
A 4v4 might fix this by making 1 bot go each lane which would better simulate a top gank, but I havent tried it yet.

Hope that helps some.