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Critique My WW Build?

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is it worth it? warwick isnt as much a ability power champion, getting merc treads or ninja tabi might be better on melee champions

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Gravity Dream:
Longsword --> Wriggles
Boots are either tabi or treads depending on enemy team composition (A general rule is to almost never build greaves on melee champions, because since they're melee, they have to be in the middle of everything, and if you can't survive in the middle of everything, it's pointless to be building more offense).
Wit's End
Spirit Visage/Sunfire Cape/Frozen Heart/Bveil <--- Get some of these based on enemy team, I prefer Visage and Sunfire if no one on the enemy team is particularly fed.
Guardian's angel.

Never build a Madred's bloodrazor if you have berzerker greaves, you won't do enough damage since it's magic damage, and you don't have a lot of magic penetration. If you do want to build MBR, be sure to buy sorceror's shoes for the magic penetration, and also pick up a malady.

I really don't recommend MBR though, Wit's End essentially does the exact same thing as MBR in terms of cost-effectiveness, and also makes him a lot more tanky. And when you use your ultimate, you immediately get 4 stacks of magic resist on it.

i hope more people see this. its incredibily annoying to see warwicks build zerks and rush madreds right after and then have to deal with them rageing all game -.-

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Awesome feedback guys! Thank you a lot. I'm going to try these out tonight and see what works best, and I'll tell you guys what I find probably tomorrow.