New Skin mechanism

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4 Hours Ago

Weird title but yet...

My Suggestion \/ \/

This is suggestion is a way in which skins would work rather than the current way.

Instead of the classic 1 skin per champion You ie riot could make it so players could choose what parts of skins they use the way they could do this without spending time doing it all while the match is about to start you could make like selection things in which you have prepared like the way masteries work and rune pages.

If your still a little confused on what I am meaning ill explain in a different

Champion [Ziggs]
(Snowday Skin)

-Head (selected)
-Chest (selected)
-Leggings (selected)
-Boots (not selected)
-Weapons (Not Selected)
-Other (selected)

(Major Skin)

-Boots (selected)
-Weapons (selected)

Say for example I don't like the boots and weapons I can buy another skin or from a skin currently owned and get the boots and weapons from there.

Basically to sum up what this is its just a customization for league to add a little individuality to picking a league champion and at the same time its going to be nothing but good for the league community as the more skins you buy the more money riot games gets which means more staff and developers working on the game for more updates and quicker champion releases plus more skins for customization.

If you like this suggestion please leave a like or how ever this works :P