Summer Skins of '15

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1 Week Ago

My friend and I have been coming up with some possible skins for summer next year. Some of them already exist on the forums, but I'll post links to them so you may view them more in-depth. Here are the first 5 or 6 that we have now, and I will add more as we think of them:

1) Pool Party Miss Fortune
-Uses 2 large water guns.
-Wears a sexy 1-piece bathing suit.

Q: Launches a small ball of water.
W: Active causes the guns to shoot dirty water (for the reduced healing effect).
E: Shoots tons of water into the sky, causing it to rain in the target area.
R: Shoots rapid waves of water.

2) Deep Sea Fizz

This one has an in-depth description of abilities and splash art at this link:

3) Gnarly
-Wears Hawaiian swimming trunks and sunglasses.
-Throws small boogie boards instead of boomerangs.
-As Mega Gnar, throws large clumps of coral instead of boulders.

Q: Throws a boogie board (or a clump of coral).
W: Wouldn't look much different.
E: Gnar hops on a boogie board and does tricks like on a skateboard whenever he bounces off a unit.
R: Wouldn't look much different.

4) Release the Vel'Koz
-Looks somewhat like a kraken (or a large squid).

Q: Launches a bubble that splits in two.
W: Opens a giant trench.
E: Creates a water spout or geyser
R: Releases a strong stream of pressurized water.

5) Beach Party Ahri

This one also has been put on the forums already, so I will link it here:

6) Atlantean Guard Kayle
-Has armor similar in style and color to Atlantean Syndra.
-Uses a sword that appears to be made out of sharpened coral.

Q: A small stream of water.
W: Causes the affected champion to have a small wake behind them as they move.
E: Causes a splash of water instead of fire where she attacks.
R: Encases the affected champion in a protective bubble.

7) Scuba Kennen
-Wears a diving suit.
-Throws starfish as his weapons.

Passive: Small bubbles appear above the target, representing Mark of the Storm.
Q: Throws a starfish.
W: Basic attack starfish occasionally turn a dark blue color. Activating blasts all nearby Marked targets with water.
E: Morphs into a water form.
R: Causes the surrounding area to resemble a stormy sea.

8) Aquatic Zyra
-Throws puffer fish needles for basic attacks.

Q: Launches small pieces of coral at nearby enemies.
W: Places a barnacle at the target location.
E: Large path of seaweed is let loose.
R: A large anemone expands and contracts over target location.

9) Scuba Teemo
-Wears scuba gear.
-Dart gun turns a blue color.

Q: Shoots glob of squid ink.
W: Begins swimming in the air when he moves.
E: Darts turn into pieces of red coral.
R: Places either barnacles or sea urchins instead of mushrooms.

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13 Hours Ago