[Skin Concept] Ezreal, the prodigal...hacker?

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Twin Blade K

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1 Day Ago

Okay, I can't be the only person who feels the similarities are strong with this one.


>This is a photo of Kite, from .hack//IMOQ (the first 4 ps2 games).

Ezreal and Kite both share fairly spiky hair in similar stylings, as well as the red triangle cheek tattoos. Furthermore, Kite's strongest abilities come from the use of his bracelet, in a manner similar to Ezreal's gauntlet. Striker Ezreal is also an indirect (and likely unintentional) reference to Kite, as in his own game, one of Kite's only known hobbies is football/soccer.

I have a skin concept with some fanart done by a friend of mine, using Kite's likeness on Ezreal. Obviously I would expect any final version to look vastly different, but figured I'd throw the idea out there.


I wanted to draw attention to the fact that this art depicts Ezreal carrying Phantom Dancer (A potential ADC item, featuring twin blades), and Wriggle's Lantern. (as Ezreal does find it in his lore. This is to mirror Kite's cylindrical backpack.)

Ezreal uses his gauntlet to fire magical bolts, and his current classic splash has a relatively similar pose to Kite when the Twilight Bracelet is in use. The magical runes surrounding the gauntlet for Ezreal have been modified to appear more hexagonal, although not outright digital.

Anyway, I wanted to throw this out there, hopefully some of you end up liking this concept, and I hope other .hackers find and see this thread. Let me know what you all think

- Twin Blade K

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Twin Blade K

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10 Hours Ago