Zed Skins/Concepts! [PICS]

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Hey guys,

I think it's about time Riot released a new Zed skin, because 1. He is a really popular champion and 2. Besides SKT T1 Zed, there's only 1 other zed skin.

So i've done a bit of research and compiled 3 really cool skins! (2 which I found - 1 which I made up)

Let's get started!

Undead Zed
With halloween coming around the corner, inspiration with that splash art could make something really interesting. I'm not a huge fan of the made splash art, but I really like the idea.

Cyber Zed/ Metal Zed
(personal favorite)
I think the splash art for the skin is really nice, however it would kind of look like the Shockblade Zed skin, except with particles on the white glowing shurikens but it has a lot of potential!

Order of The Shadow Zed

As you can see, this is just a regular zed work of art, but I wanna incorporate the right side of the Zed. With this skin, I was thinking you could have black particles around Zed, who would be wrapped around some epic ninja clothes. You could have beaming red eyes and just an overall dark and black feel, which I think works really nicely with Zed.

So.. that's pretty much it! If you like the concepts tell me below!
- Elite