Please help me get better.

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My Elo is embarrassing and like many, I don't believe I belong there. However, one concept of the game that I wish to better myself is counter picking my opponents team.

Here are the champions I am most proficient with and their respective roles. I would appreciate it if you could give me champions that counter me and that I would counter.


Lee Sin (sometimes ugly)


Lee Sin


I've focused a lot of my time on improving my support, ADC, and jungle.... seems like they are the least picked. So it made sense to me, having a team mindset, to master the least desired roles. Do you believe that I have enough champions in my arsenal to do ok in ranked? Are there any hard counters I should watch for? And vice versa, are there any champions I should be watching for, knowing I'll have an easier time in lane?

I know I'm asking a lot, so if you wish to put your energy towards a certain lane, make it bottom as that's where I play the most.

One area that I struggle with is zoning and harassing while I am support. Seems like I take too much damage and too squishy ... where the damage I take doesn't seem worth the trouble of what I'm attempting to do to my opponent.

Thanks f or your help and your time. I appreciate it.

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1. Play ranked only with your Premade team. Make sure that in that premade team you there are 1 or 2 persons who play lots better than you, and can help you to grow.
2. Focus on a main role and a secundary role.
3. In each role, get 2 or 3 champs.

After winning enough and stablished your roles, you can try another one, just for fun!!

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Counter picks don’t really matter as much as the other basic game mechanics at low elo. It’s more important to have good cs, map awareness and an understanding of objectives and how important they are at different points in the game.

Csing is the most important thing at low elo. The better you cs early in the game the faster you will get your build together and the better you will be doing late game.

You should practice good ward placement with every champion type not just support. At low elo it is probably going to be up to you to place the wards. If you know where they are then they can’t gank you.

You should understand that early game taking dragon can be more important than towers but late game you should be knocking down tower rather then running back for dragon. A lot of low elo players will win a team fight and then head for dragon or baron instead of pushing with their minions and simply winning the game.

Once you start to get a good grasp on these mechanics then you can start worrying about counter picking.