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Getting yourself outta elo hell: easy job

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Hi guys, here's baronsfoot89 ! I want to help you get out of elo hell. It is not something that we learn in 3 seconds and there is no magic trick to do it. But i started streaming with the goal of helping people to get out of the elo hell. I looked at tons of streams to get better and I think they are a great way to learn. I do what the majority of streamers don't do: I explain in details what I do and why I do it. This is important for me to transfer my knowledge of the game to you. I talk about champs, counter picks, I explain my moves and the items you really want to buy on some champs. I principaly play mid, top or Adc (well I play mid in all the team I play/have played), but in elo hell you never know where you are going ) . Just come take a quick look, I will probably be really active evening and nights


If you are looking for a team or a clan, join PG Gaming (i'm from PG Tempest). We accept everyone!