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Which champion should i get?

Ahri 0 0%
Akali 0 0%
Blitzcrank 2 66.67%
Caitlyn 0 0%
Dr. Mundo 0 0%
Fiddlesticks 1 33.33%
Hecarim 0 0%
Jayce 0 0%
Kassadin 0 0%
Kayle 0 0%
Malzahar 0 0%
Nautilus 0 0%
Pantheon 0 0%
Rumble 0 0%
Shen 0 0%
Skarner 0 0%
Talon 0 0%
Veigar 0 0%
Ziggs 0 0%
Zyra 0 0%
Voters 3 .

Which champion shouls i get?

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I wanted to make this thread for 2 reasons.

1. I was bored
2. I was looking for a new champion to play as and didn't find any that i wanted to play as that are free or that i own.

I have 1389IP and I could either save up or buy one now. I'll probably save up and buy a couple or one 6300.

Ahri- Played as her once my first week playing LoL and did ok.
Akali- Played as her last week when she was free and owned.
Bliztcrank- Played as him when he was free and raped.
Caitlyn- Played as her a when she was free last time and did really good.
Dr. Mundo- I've just heard he was good.
Fiddlesticks- Played one game as him and went 7/2/something.
Hecarim- I've heard from some he's good and from some he's bad. about him.
Jayce- I've also heard mixed things about him.
Kassadin- He reminds me of Darth Vader, but i sucked the one game i played as him.
Kayle- My friend said she's good.
Malzahar- I did good with him the last time he was free.
Nautilus- My friend said he's good, but he plays as him a lot and we play together a lot.
Pantheon- Never played as him.
Rumble- I went 9/5/1 the first time i played as him.
Shen- I played 3 games with him. I did pretty good i guess.
Skarner- Played as him a few times and did good.
Talon- My second choice last time i had 6300IP. Never played as him.
Veigar- I raped with him and I've played as him a lot.
Ziggs- Same as Veigar, but I haven't played as him as much.
Zyra- Yup.

If it helps...
I don't jungle
I usually go top or bottom

I'll probably end up getting Caitlyn first. Then someone else.

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