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Seattle Summoner's Rift Tournament (Microsoft Store)

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Hey everyone!,

This Friday (7/20/2012) , the University Village Microsoft Store will be hosting an 8 team, 5 vs.5 Summoner's Rift tournament. If you DO NOT have a team you can be raffled into one at the store upon arrival if online registration spots have not filled

1st place: $20 RP + Triumphant Ryze per player

2nd place: $15 RP per player

3rd place: $10 RP per player

4th place: $5 RP per player
(If 8 teams are not present prizing will vary).

Masteries will be allowed.

Runes will be allowed.

Competitors must use their own accounts.

Computers are Provided, it is encouraged to bring your own peripherals and/or computer!

Register online today by sending an email to [email]jmadle@microsoft.com[/email] with your Team name, Summoner Names, and Corresponding emails attached to your Summoner name.

Placement and bracketing start at 3:30pm, Tournament at 4:00pm. You must have everyone present to claim a spot!

If you can’t make it catch our livestream at http://www.own3d.tv/live/254703!

Hope to see you guys there!

2624 NE University Village St.
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: (206) 834-0680