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Is rumble top viable in ranked games? and how is rumble in a 2v1 top lane?

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Sam Is Whoa

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I main rumble in ranked. And he is more than viable. He counters most top meta champs i.e.(tryn,olaf,malphite, garen,)

He has good harass, can push a lane well, has a shield and speed boost to help escape, a long range ult, and can easily farm under tower. He can 2v1 because he can farm under tower and post 6 does excellent aoe dmg. I have had many ganks turn into dbl kills because of his ult.

He also is very flexible and can be built in different ways. He doesnt use mana and with a dorans shield and spell vamp runes can stay in lane forever.

Hes a good first pick because its very difficult to counter him hard enough to shut him down completely. His counters are ranged ad champs like graves, or ad kennen. Its a push lane against mobile champs like lee sin or riven. I love rumble. He is consistently strong through all phases of the game.