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Which implementations do you like?

Basic "Synergy" Mechanic 66 48.89%
Synergy Item 38 28.15%
Synergy Item: Anti-Farm Version 24 17.78%
Synergy Mastery 48 35.56%
Synergy Runes 17 12.59%
Alternate Mastery 15 11.11%
Global Farm 30 22.22%
I have a radically different idea 23 17.04%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 135 .

A Different Kind of gp10 Item (and other Synergy ideas)

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riot pls...

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I'm going to bump this.

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I'm going to bump this.


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I'll bump again. Curious to see if current voting trends persist.

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Synergy Mastery makes the most sense.
I believe Supports should be REQUIRED but that they should have some itemization.
Having it deep in the Utility tree(perhaps replacing Strength of Spirit) stops Toxic lane comps from forming and keeps Supports relevant.
The suggested mastery sounds a little overpowered, id suggest reducing it to 4/5/6g and reducing the radius to 800 so it doesnt promote passive play.

If it was made an Item then it would force a certain kind of building.
If it was made into a rune then it would be abused.
If it was at the start of the utility tree then it would be abused as well.

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I voted for the Synergy item option, but as a suggestion, rather than creating a new item, tie Synergy to wards. You get a partial (1/3 or 1/4) Synergy boost for each active ward you place with a cap at 3 or 4 (you can place more wards, but don't get the synergy effect until older wards time out). Synergy would deny farm from lane minions but not from jungle mobs, Dragon or Baron.


  1. Encourages warding - always a good thing, and an important Support role.
  2. Adds another strategy - ward hunting to deny gold.
  3. Doesn't require a new item.
  4. Can be used to increase Jungler's gold as well

  1. Wards are used by Katarina and Lee Sin as targets for Shunpo and Safeguard. Wouldn't want to either deny them CS or reward them with extra gold.
  2. Wards are pretty cheap and once placed, don't consume item slots. Unless we go with the 0 Farm option, they would be used by carries for free gold.

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Disclaimer: Any "proposed" numbers that follow are simply that...proposals. Specific amounts would need to be analyzed, tested, and re-tested before anything of this sort could be safely implemented. In addition, this is a long post...so I'll put a TL/DR here...

1 - Global or Local "Ally Bonus" gold when CSing.
2 - Global or Local "Ally Bonus" gold on teammate kills.
3 - Remove Gp10 items if Global gold is used.

I think that, as a team game, the performance of the TEAM AS A WHOLE should be rewarded in some fashion, and that the reward should always be team-wide. This concept of individual rewards is part of the reason that we have issues with players raging at teammates.

Currently, LoL does not have a system of in-game "team rewards" as I believe it should. Allow me to demonstrate...

Scenario 1
You're playing top as Shen. Your bot lane is Leona and Corki (strong kill comp). Leo and Corks have pushed to enemy tower after a devastating burst combo against the enemy Ashe and Janna. Your bot lane has nearly 100% HP while the enemy bot lane has 30% HP on both champions, and you just noticed the enemy jungler tried to gank mid and ran toward top. You see enemy mid is still in lane, as is top lane. You ding 6. You type, "hey, bot...go for a dive, I'll ult you if you need it".

Your bot lane is very confident they can escape a dive under turret (since they aren't 6, and neither is their opponent), knowing they have you watching their lane, ready to ult one of them if their HP gets too low, and knowing that the enemy mid and jungle are not available to stop them/cleanup. They dive, executing their assault perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that your ult was not required to prevent them from dying during the attempt.

Meanwhile, your Rengar jungler sees all of this, and is headed top to hold the lane in the event that you actually did have to ult bottom. Since you didn't have to go, you and Rengar take on the enemy Darius and get another kill.

All this time, your Mid is focusing on pushing the waves so their mid can't afford to leave his lane to help top/bot without sacrificing CS and tower damage.

Scenario 2
All of the above is the same, except when bot dives, you actually DO have to use Shen's ult to protect your Corki from the last tower hit. Rengar has to hold top lane against a counter-push by Darius and the enemy jungler, and mid does the same as in Scenario 1.

Currently, Scenario 1 would reward the team as follows...
CS to Top, Mid, and Corki (individual gold)
2 Kills, 2 Assists to bot lane (individual gold)
1 Kill, 1 Assist to top lane/jungle (individual gold)
Map control (team advantage)

Currently, Scenario 2 would reward the team as follows...
CS to Mid, Bot, Jungle (individual gold)
2 Kills, 2 Assists to bot lane (individual gold)
1 Assist to top lane (individual gold)

However, with a more...logical reward system, you can account for the fact that each member of the team is helping all other members of the team by good communication and play. For instance, let's say in Scenario 1, the enemy jungler was planning on ganking top, but when your Rengar shows up, the enemy jungler's gank gets thwarted. There's no monetary gain for this (not that I think there should be), but there IS a significant gain for mid lane because now mid knows he has another 10 seconds or so of "safe" farm.

My proposal to the "Synergy" concept is that all successes (including proper last-hitting) are shared with the team as a whole. We need more systems in place to reward proper TEAM play, not proper LANE play...this will help to alleviate the concepts of a specific meta game being too limiting.

First Concept
All CS (regardless of lane) generates the standard amount for the "killer". In addition, it splits an "ally bonus" amount between all alive or any nearby allies.

Scenario 3 - Ezreal kills one creep, gaining 24 gold for the CS. The "ally bonus" for said creep is 12 (half). Taric, Ahri, Renekton, and Diana all receive 3 gold each (global ally bonus). Alternatively, Taric and Diana (hiding in bot river brush) receive 6 gold each (local ally bonus).

The reasoning behind this is it rewards proper communication from your team to help players achieve CS. Diana being in the brush allows Ezreal to safely farm without fear of an immediate gank (local). Renekton and Ahri dominating their lanes allow Diana the freedom to focus her efforts bot for a while (global). Why should Ezreal be the only one benefiting monetarily from strong play from all 4 of his teammates? Shouldn't the other 4 receive something? Or at the very least, the 2 nearby?

Second Concept
Assist gold is no longer awarded with an assist. Instead, any time an ally gets a kill his team played some part in the kill. In scenarios 1 and 2, Shen played a huge role in the success of the team, regardless of whether he actually physically assisted with the kills bottom/top. Why should bot lane receive more of a reward than top in that situation?

Example - In Scenario 3 above, let's go one step further and say that Diana ganks bot, but fails to get a kill. Because of that, the enemy jungler ganks the too-aggressive Renekton, and achieves a kill by diving. They dove because they knew that Diana cannot clean them up, and Ahri is still in mid lane, therefore creating the perfect environment to dive and get away even though the turret drops them both to 25% or less HP.

Why shouldn't bot lane receive some kind of benefit for helping communicate and for saving their specific lane from a huge set-back? Bot lane made a fantastic play, top lane took advantage of it, and as the system is now, the only people who receive any value from the play are the enemy jungler and top lane. Shouldn't bot lane receive some kind of monetary value to represent their successful play?

I think they should...you could even scale the rewards based on the level of contribution. However, as in Scenario 1, I don't think that would be fair to the Shen who was ready, willing, and able to help bot lane dive. Since Shen would have had to risk just as much (gold-wise) as Leona, why should he receive less of the "assist" gold than she does? Or, for that matter, why would the jungler receive less of a reward, when he was taking time out of his jungle clearing to go cover top lane in case Shen needed the help?

As an alternative, change the "assist" qualifications to be more in line with location rather than action. The POTENTIAL to take action can often-times be just as effective as the physical act itself. Consider the Ez/Taric bot lane with Diana in the brush (Scenario 3). Assume that Taric gets a great stun on the enemy support right after the enemy lane just burned a bunch of cooldowns. Ez and Taric burst the support down quickly before Diana gets half-way into the lane after seeing the stun. Ez and Taric were able to be so aggressive because of Diana's vicinity, and therefore, shouldn't Diana receive a benefit even though she didn't actually damage the target or support Ez/Taric?

Remove Gp10 items if Global gold options are chosen. With the new gold streams, all champions would have significantly more gold than before. This would require some form of scaling back for Gp10 items, if not a complete removal, otherwise, champions would receive too much gold too early in the match.

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Pitufito Dell

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Global Farm sounds good.
But anti farm one is kindda... not fun. I like to take some creeps sometimes whit supports whit no one is around. Make it reduce the minion gold income by 50%. Leave the jungle monsters out of this, so a jungler can buy it and "pick" gold from lanes. That would be a nice strategy to have: A jungler that go into every lane to get the extra gold.

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I like both item ideas and the mastery. However, I think, for an "anti farm", rather than giving 0 gold from cs, perhaps it could work in reverse when the player gets a cs, and they only get 40% of it, giving 60% of that gold split among allies in range. This could be good on junglers too then, if they come help to push a lane with some aoe skills, they are helping too by getting allies in that lane some quick burst of gold. The gold income here is the same, just whoever takes this mastery or item gets less gold from their OWN cs, instead giving 60% of that to nearby allies, but that also get 40% of allies cs gold as bonus, perhaps with some cap on gold generated through this method or a time limit as mentioned with the other items. I think this sortof double-edged implimentation would keep current play but make it easier for supports, and also allow supports to support in an additional way for those that can quickly push minions when needed, as their cs mostly goes to allies (though, the allies could just get the cs themselves for more gold I suppose but in some situations that isnt really a focus). Perhaps instead of a 60/40 split, it could have a lower return in some situations or drop over time. Sorry for the long post.

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Synergy as a basic mechanic is a really good idea.