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Problem to Buy Riot Points

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I'm trying to buy RPs but when I go to complete the purchase appears an ERROR 110, and I can not buy
And I had bought for a friend of mine 3 days ago, that makes any difference?
Please Help Me
Thank you

Estou tentando comprar RPs mas quando eu vou concluir a compra aparece um ERRO 110, e não consigo comprar
E eu já havia comprado para um amigo meu há 3 dias atras, isso faz alguma diferença?
Por Favor me Ajudem
Muito Obrigado

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Having the same problems. Bought RP for my gf's account, then went to try and buy some for my account and I got different errors each attempt (errors 100-106). Each of them basically said that the system has rejected the purchase. I've tried three different cards to three different banks. Would really like to know what the hell is going on.

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Junior Member


i have the same problem plz riot fix that on my account in NA <jsuisencoreban> plz