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Jungler Looking for serious 5v5 Ranked Team

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Senior Member


Whats up, my names Deadstealth ,

Was a 850 player 2 weeks ago but started playing seriously and now im currently 1240 and rising, You May think im a scrub because im currently low elo, but give me a tryout and Ill show you how a real man jungles.

I Main the jungle, with Nocturne, Leesin, Olaf, Skarner, Nautilus, and currently learning Malphite.

Im looking for a team that will have positive attitude and coordinated teamwork.
I carried teams from 850 elo to 1200+ so im looking for a team that has the synergy to carry each other.

I have skype, mic and everything a person needs for comms

Also have a youtube channel if youd like to see me and how I slowly work out of elo hell
Email me at [email]Hakua1993@yahoo.com[/email]
or add and msg me in game.

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Hey, I saw your post and wanted to ask if you would like to join our 5s team. My friend and i have been looking for someone to fill another carry role like jungle for awhile and would greatly appreciate it if you would message me on LoL. Normally I jungle, but after watching your vids, clearly i'm not nearly as good as you are at the role since you carry most games you are in. Therefore I will gladly move to top or ADC so you may take the jungle. Msg me on League if you are interested, if not, i appreciate your time in reading this reply

- Shantottomasta (aka RC) and my teammates Apoc Janeru & ReturnToTorment

PS those are our in game names if you wish to contact us