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[Champion Concept] Rush, The Bandle Bullet (with new resource!)

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The concept for Rush is based around a new resource called Force. He doesn’t focus directly on ability power or attack damage but rather attack speed and penetration. His constant moving powers his abilities which he uses to attack quickly. rapidly chipping off large chunks of health in small portions.

Rush, The Bandle Bullet


The Yordles of Bandle City have always been known for the obsessive nature that has been the backbone to their creativity, ingenuity and prosperity. There were just as many types of obsession as there were Yordles within the walls of the city-state. Engineering, magical studies and hextech development were the leading branches that tied heavily into the politics and economy of Bandle City. But to one Yordle that didn’t matter much to him, despite the constant arguments between family and peers about where he should progress in.

The truth was that Rush could have gone into any of the three and came out as a success because his own obsession was something that could be amplified by those choices. Instead, he remained steadfast in developing it naturally and at his own pace which seemed to double with each passing month. To Rush there was no better feat, no greater purpose and no better challenge than becoming the fastest being in all of Runeterra. His first task, become the fastest Yordle in Bandle City.

It was at a young age that Rush achieved the first stepping stone to his goal. When he cleared Bandle City in just under eight minutes the achievement brought many interested parties to seek the evasive Rush. Heimerdinger, Rumble and Ziggs were the first to approach him, offering their individual services and expertise to help. Declining all assistance, Rush only wished to build upon his natural talent and in order to improve himself he needed a new challenge. That was when he first heard about the Institute of War and the League of Legends.

Several hours later Rush arrived at the door of the Institute. After catching his breath and taking several large drinks from a fountain outside, Rush was eager to enter the League and test his skills against the best of Runeterra. At first the council was hesitant of allowing someone unskilled in battle to enter but with the support of Ziggs, the Hextech Export all skepticism was placed aside. Before he was even completely signed in, the yordle was already heading towards the battlefield.

“I’ve seen a lot of things but nothing has blown my mind as much as that boy. And yes, he’s quite the rush!” - Ziggs, the Hextech Export.



Upon Selection:
Are you ready? I‘m ready!

Zip. Zip. Zip!
Gotcha, boss!
If you say so.

Ahhhh, man.
They’ll never see it coming.
Here I go!
Heeeere’s Rush!

Nope! Rush runs off screen, leaving a dust cloud where he died.

Don‘t blink. You might miss this next trick.
Run. I DARE you.

Can we hurry this up? I have non-League related things to do.
Ah ha!
Said as he disappears and reappears in the buff with a censor screen before running off to get clothed again.

Stewie’s dance. 00:30-00:50

Fun Facts
I used A LOT of mixed references when designing him. The Flash, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, SWAT Kats and G.I. Joe are just a handful of the many Google searches I did.
This character was originally going to be a straight tank, wearing a large bullet casing like a shell and generally looking like a wannabe R2-D2. I could only come up with two abilities before slowly transitioning to the speedster.
He’s the first champ that utilizes running away as a strength builder.

Health: 378 (+80)
Health Regen: 6.87 (+1.2)
Mana: 0, Uses Force.
Mana Regen: 0
Range: 125
Attack Damage: 48 (+3.9)
Attack Speed: .772 (+3.2%)
Armor: 14.35 (+5)
Mag. Resist: 32 (+1.45)
Movement: 337 (+1.8%)

Assassin, Jungle, Mage, Melee, Support

Item Recommendations:
Though not showing a build for him, Rush could technically build Ad with how I have him set up.

Boots of Swiftness
Shurelya’s Reverie
Nashor’s Tooth
Deathfire Grasp
Trinity Force or Lichbane


Name: Speed Force
Effect: Moving generates 3% force per second, more if following behind champions. Following behind champions gives stacks of Speed Force, at full stacks (100), Rush gets a 60% burst in movement speed. If higher than 50% Force, Rush ignores unit collision. While remaining still for more than 3 seconds, Force diminishes at 1.8% per second.

Effect: Rush slides towards the target doing 40/50/60/70/80 magical damage to any enemies caught in his path and hitting the target for 50/70/90/110/130 (+0.4 AP) physical damage and knocking them back. If target hits a wall they are stunned for 1 second.
Passive: Magic Penetration increase by 5/10/15/20/25%.
Animation: Rush slides at the target, leaving twin trails of fire where he had slid from. A small explosion happens when he strikes his target.
Cooldown: 16/14/14/10/9
Cost: None.
Range: 450

Effect: Rush quickly dashes at the target location, doing 60/80/100/120/140 (+0.32 AP) magical damage and stunning the target for 1/1/1/2/2 second(s). If the ability is used again within 4 seconds Rush returns to the original spot. The target also suffers a temporary decrease to magic resistance.
Passive: Increases movement speed by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Animation: Rush jumps to the target with a trail of shadows chasing after him and then again on the way back.
Cooldown: 13/13/10/8/7
Cost: 35/35/30/25/20 force.
Range: 600

Power Ring
Effect: Rush encircles a targeted area, doing 20/35/50/65/85 (+AP) per second to all targets inside and slowing ad blinding them for 2/2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8
Passive: Quick Hands. Rush’s nimble fingers reach into his target’s pocket, generating 2 gold per minion kill and 20 gold per champion.
Animation: Rush runs circles around the area as he whips up a cloud of dust and debris.
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14/12
Cost: 40/35/30/25/25
Range: 500, circle has a radius of 300.

The Bandle Blitz
Effect: Dash revs up to 1000 movement and launches himself at the targeted location hitting creeps for 100/110/125 (+0.2 AP) magic damage and ignoring terrain along the way. If he collides with an enemy champion the target takes 150/225/300 (+0.6 AP) magic damage, suffers a knock back and is stunned for 3 seconds. if they strike a wall. If no champion is struck, Rush slides to a stop.
Animation: When he says ‘Ready!’ he makes a running motion. At ‘Set!’ he gets down on all fours. At ‘Gooooo!’ he launches himself to the targeted area. If a champion is struck he stops on spot and they slide away. If no champion is hit Rush screeches to a halt.
Cooldown: 130/100/70
Cost: Up to 80%, depending on distance covered.
Range: 100 to Global. 350 knock back range. 75 on additional champs.
Quote: Ready. Set. GOOOOO!

Overview of Abilities:

As mentioned above, Rush is mainly speed in do some burst abilities and speed out kinda guy. His not meant to be the center of a team fight though almost all of his abilities will put him there. With his passive he is constantly gaining momentum in which he uses to unleash his abilities. Running away and back tracking can mean doing a massive bit of damage or doing a last second escape to safety.

Rupture, his [Q], is used as a quick ’Go To’ move. It’s good for knocking people away from him or allies or running ahead and knocking the target back into the fight. To make this better, targets that get knocked into the wall are also stunned. Leveling this also gives him a permanent magic penetration, allowing his abilities to potentially do more burst damage. The collision damage is meant to be far lower than the impact damage. This ability should be maxed first.

[W], or Slipstream, is very similar to his [Q] as it charges the target. The difference is that this ability will swipe the target, doing damage and lowering the target’s magic defense which opens up for a follow up ability. By using Slipstream, then Rupture, then Slipstream again, Rush just charged his opponent, knocked down their magic resist, then charged them again to do increased Rupture damage and slid back to safety. By having [E] up he can perform another attack to the combo and then use Rupture again to slide to safety. This ability should be maxed last. The targeted location is not an area of effect spell and only hits the closest champion.

Power Ring, [E], is his CC ability. It both slows and blinds enemies caught inside allowing your team a few seconds to get the jump. On top of that it gives the full team an increase to gold production. This ability should be maxed third, after [Q] and [R] but before his [W].

The Bandle Blitz is his special. [R], is the reason why he cleared Bandle City in 8 minutes! Depending on how much Force he has built up, Rush can easily go from one side of the map to the other in just a few seconds. He can even mark a target to slam into or free run it. If an enemy champion is hit they are knocked back, doing damage to any creeps or enemy champs in its path. Enemy champs suffer a smaller knock back as well. Like his [Q] it can stun those champions that are knocked into the wall. The downside is that if he strikes an enemy champ along the way he’ll be stopped there. The indicator will also let a champion know if they’ve been targeted as well and depending on the distance being covered this could be suicidal if the target decides to turn back or lets their team know Rush is on the way.

Overall, with these abilities Rush is designed to come in guns blazing, then retreat while they cool down and hope that no one chases him….or maybe hopes that they will so he can laugh as they escape. Snares, blocks, slows, etc are definitely his enemies as they not only slow him down but also prevent him from building force and unleashing his abilities. Rush won’t let that stop him though as he rushes in to a League near you!


Rush, The Bandle Bullet (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/Rush.jpg) His default skin.
HACKS Armor Rush (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/HACKSRush.jpg) Rush sporting the Hextech Alternate Cyber-ketronic System Armor. Made by Rumble!
Robo Rush (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/RoboRush.jpg) Inspired by Robot Amumu.
Super Rush (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/SuperRush.jpg)
Rush in his Super Hero outfit. All Yordles should have one!


For more champions please visit:
Wulffe's Collection - Champions and Maps and Skins, oh my! (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2215916&highlight=wulffe)

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Bog Gobin



Overall I like this champion. You should add specific damage amounts for X and add ap scaling. It would make this champion easier to read and understand. Slip Stream's stun could be changed to 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2. It looks better than 1/1/1/2/2.

I mean these comments in a positive way and please review my Yordles.

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Senior Member


Noted and adjusted. You're right, that does look better. But that would be my downfall in character design, I'm never quite sure what to put in place of the X's as, knowing how I am, will shoot too high or too low. I know the area around very few stats, like stuns and slows should rarely go above 3 seconds. Personally, I think I do good just by getting the base stats in place. xP

Also, done with Stabbs (who I liked and visualized with ease) and now on to Snipes!

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Bog Gobin



When thinking of X value, you should just make random numbers and apply ap scaling. After words you could probably add the ap scaling to the ability strength to see the power. If its to high you could just power it down. If you read the concept history for Snipes I made a lot of edits in a couple days.

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You know, I may have to end up trying it like that. Least that could happen is someone telling me it's a no go and to tweak it again.

Think you can take a look at one of my other yordles for me? Can do one, the other, both or neither.

Ella, The Hextech Synthesizer (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=26967353#post26967353)
Pike, The Yordle Weaponmaster (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2223917)

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Erm, about his lore, wouldn't he LOVE to compete with kennen? That being said, let the review begin.

Passive; Does this force degenerate? Does this force increase MS any? there are lots of questions about this passive. As it is now, the passive is rather weak compared to many (though not all) champions

Since it seems to be a resource, are you sure one of the existing resource systems wouldn't do a good enough job?

Q Does the collision have an AP scaling? The numbers would help a lot in determining how powerful of this ability is. At the moment, a 1 to 1 ratio would mean the top end damage would be maybe 150 tops, otherwise it'd be crazy damage.

And what's the magic pen increase? is it a flat amount, as per Olaf's ult (well that's armor pen, but you get the idea), or is it a % amount, a la xerath's I'm a immobile turret of doom.

W; Is this a target location, making this an Aoe, or this a single target ability?
As per the Q, more numbers could be added, %/flat number etc, etc.
And as per the Q, if the ratio is 1 to 1, the base damage would be extremely low. From here on out i'll just assume u mean a % of AP you haven't yet decided on.

E; Okay.. Seems to be extremely powerful. Not sure exactly how the hell the passive would work though. Could u give more details?

R; Note the knock back distance and the duration of a stun. Also note if multiple champions could be carried on this. As the ability looks now, the cooldown would be like 240 seconds or so, just because it is like a global snipe, and teleport in one.

Overall View;

Good attempt, however to me it seems there's very little synergy, This champ has a lot of getting into the fray and a bit of getting out.. but.. he's like a leblanc with little to no synergy between abilities. It seems you'd Q, W, W then E, and that's about it, with maybe an R to get into a fight.

Also; When i looked at the base stats, a 375 MS is bat**** insane. The highest MS currently in the game is yi and panth clocking in at 330. I understand this guy's whole intent is speed and getting the hell around, but 375 is just stupid fast a base ms.

Then I saw the attack speed, and i'l like... What.
This guy is completely AP based and yet has an attack speed that high? That... doesn't make sense. He would hardly be using auto attacks in that nothing scales off Ad, yet his base Attack speed means he could build Ad and it would do just fine.

It seems you'd need some help in the base stats as they are now,


Is a good guide for champion stats, or check the LoL wiki to compare vs other champions.

Anyway, good try, and if you have free time, please review my champion,

Abbadon, the Fallen One

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First off, Zarkran, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you taking the time to post a review. I have 9 champions out and this is the first in-depth review I have received. Thank you!

Second, Kennen is part of the League so without mentioning him directly he’s an indirect challenger. :P

Third, it’s best to assume that all numbers represented by an X are undecided upon. With that said, I do know where about I want the abilities with two sets of X’s to be at. In example, in his Q I want the collision damage to be much lower than the impact damage. Kind of like Leona’s E hooks the last target but lightly damages the creeps in the way.

Alrighty, from here I’ll list what I fixed from top to bottom.

You were right. I actually looked up movement speed and knew those two were the fastest. I figured I’d go a bit higher but clearly I went too high. I lowered movement down to 337 and lowered the level increase to 1.8%.
For the attack speed, I actually gave him a significant drop in overall attack damage as I still want him to attack quickly. But I also lowered the AS by .2%. The reason I have him set up like this is because I want him to skirmish a bit but not stay in the fight for too long. I also dropped his health down to 378 (+80) to make him a tidbit squishier to possibly discourage going AD.

The passive has been adjusted. It now shows a diminishing rate. However the resource is what makes Rush as he has to constantly be in motion to power it. The Force is then used to cast his abilities. It’s a little like energy but not quite. Sure he could have used mana or even energy (though I feel that’s reserved for the ninjas LoL has) but I wanted to build him off of an unique idea.

For Q, I added a little info about the collision and impact damage in the ability over view. The collision is meant to be much lower than the impact damage. It’s just a small buffer meant to deal damage similar to Leona’s E but a little more powerful. The magic penetration is also supposed to scale but also is not meant overly powerful.
W is not an AoE ability, it only affects one target. It will hit the closest champ and if no champion is near him then it will strike a creep.

E’s passive works similar to Twisted Fate’s passive but only Rush generates the gold for the team. It’ll encourage him to farm, farm, farm! It also isn’t supposed to be a very large damage ability. Think Zigg’s E but with a drain instead blunt damage. The main attraction to E would be the slow effect it causes.

I adjusted the stun and knock back for his R. It only hits one champ but will also knock aside any champs caught in the first one’s path. Think of it like Lee Sin’s kick back. It’s actually like a combination of Pantheon’s and Draven’s ultimates. He will run to the spot like Draven’s blades but he’ll stop there like Pantheon jumping in. Would you still recommend 240 cool down on it?

On a side note here, I did adjust his base stats but I wanted to explain him a bit more. I don’t want him to be able to be built as AD but I do want him to be able to attack and kill creeps quickly with melee as to not waste Force on clearing a wave. That is why I tuned down the attack damage base but should I make his passive also inflict AP damage when he attacks? He is melee after all. As mentioned in the concept, I want him to be able to whittle away at health with regular attacks but not be completely devastating with them and saving that aspect for his kit. The only way I can see of adjusting this would turn his attached ranged and make him quickly ‘dash’ at the target to damage.

Speaking of his kit, would you have any recommendations for building a better synergy for them? I can picture any number of combinations between the abilities but that might just be the creator’s insight. In example I could see him using W, Q, E and then W again depending on his cool downs. That would have him charge to knock back, charge again to close the distance, slow, then retreat. Or E, W, Q, W in which he’d charge in to do some damage, run back a little, charge again, slow and then retreat.

On another side note, I’m actively on the LoL Wiki and refer others to it from time to time. XP It’s a really good research to when needing champ comparisons.

Anywho, again, thank you for your time, effort and input.
I’ll check out Abbadon as soon as I get a chance.

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Senior Member


Alrighty. I put in his ability scaling and I raised his attack damage and speed again. I plan on making an AD build viable for him.

If built correctly then his abilities won't do much damage but he could use them as they're intended and do a lot of burst damage just with melee attacks alone.

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3% force per second, but stacks to 10. why not make it stack to 100 and generate 3 force per second? i think it's a lot clearer that way (if that's even how it works). and when it reaches full stacks, the fore meter is emptied?

just a suggestion, but since Rush is based off movement, maybe having the abilities scale a bit with movement speed as well as others would be cool.

for a global passive the 2 gold per minion and 20 gold per champ is a bit much. Twisted fates entire passive is 2 gold per minion KILL period. having a stronger version of that in a normal ability would make him almost useless.

the ult is interesting but i think it would be hard to hit with. it doesn't say how fast he's moving though it's hard to say. with my suggestion above, maybe make it drastically increase movement speed and have it scale mostly off that? that way you could turn a little so you can hit what you're aiming for.

again, i really like the champ, doesn't have enough ap scaling unless you end up adding the movement scale which would definitely be a unique aspect in the league. great champs man, keep it up

EDIT: didn't even look at costs. good job using the force as a resource.

since i reviewed all 3 of YOURdle champs (lolish) care to review my yordle champ?

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Alrighty. I increased his bar to hold 100 Force. You were right, that would be easier to manage and understand. Yes, that's kind of how it works. Actually, thinking about it the Force is not entirely unlike the Rage bar. Though it won't be emptied at 100 as its his resource bar too.

I've actually thought about this before. I'm just not sure how it would scale or how effective it would be as there's only a handful of of movement increasing items (minus the boots). However, with Rengar's release and his personal item I was thinking of doing something similar and giving him his own pair of running shoes that'll scale with movement.

I changed it to where only Rush will get the gold. Greedy bugger.

Alrighty. I added in a plug-in number for his movement speed for his ult which caps at 1000 movement. Yeah, yeah, it's a lot. If it's too much let me know. Though the point of the ult is to not actually hit someone. If the summoner can do it more power to them! It's like Pantheon's ultimate as it's meant to get him there if he lands on someone's head that's great and if it doesn't he'll probably jump on their head anyway.

I'll take a gander at your champ for you. :]