Mock Epic On Lolipoppy

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4 Weeks Ago

So I had to write a Mock Epic for school a few days back and I wrote it on Lolipoppy. These were the guidelines. Hope you enjoy it.

- A hero (who does not live up to classical epic standards)
- Elaborate description of weapons
- A major “battle scene”
- Greek mythology Gods (or a deity) who gets involved with the plot or determines the outcome of events
- Elevated style and diction
(It might not make much sense since I had to fit 10 syllables on each line)

There was a girl who was ultra ugly
She had no friends but her loli candy
She was walking the rift to top until
A man jumped out a bush with all his will
He strongly knocked the candy to the pave
Against the bigger man she stood there brave
She took ahold candy hammer and she
Was ready to go on a killing spree
Her anger was impossible to stop
A giant battle raging on the top
She charged the wall stunning him at the spot
But he was stronger than she ever thought
His bloody axe came down to make her bleed
Her luck was the only thing that she need
The chocolate shield clashed with the bloody axe
The hemorrhage attacks was fully stacked
His guillotine came down with true damage
His strike caused him to gain him advantage
The Korean god Faker comes to help
He was terrified so he let out yelp
In aid of his teammate Faker destroyed
The evil man who got kicked in the void
Faker changed his broken sharp sword to full
A slash of wind hit him like charging bull
Focused she came back up body immune
She used her chocolate shield even of hewn
The valiant fighter came powerful
He ran away in fear he wasn’t useful
The devastating blow occurred on him
Her cheerful face turned into face of grim
Faker gave her the kill hard work she gave
He did not have a chance to become saved
She smashed him to the ground like her candy
The urge to do was filled because randy
Admit that you do fear on some degree
That destruction appeared Lolipoppy