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(FACTIONS) The Factions Saga

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I don't know why I haven't posted this here before. The Factions project includes a lot of community-made lore, which is intertwined with the Factions game mode and the results of Factions matches.

Rather than posting every single piece of Factions lore, I'll just post the overview. If you aren't familiar with Factions, read on for a quick summary and some links.

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Factions is a community-powered game mode in which Summoners declare for a faction (such as Demacia or Zaun) for the course of a storyline, during which they fight matches against other factions using faction-specific Champion lists. Match results are submitted online and scored, affecting the balance of power between the factions and directing the course of the storyline, in conjunction with interactive lore events and other player input.

Storyline Overview A narrative overview of the Factions saga to date.
Shon-Xan The main page for the current storyline, Shon-Xan.
The World of Factions A general introduction to the Factions lore universe.

We're wrapping up our fourth storyline, Shon-Xan, on March 24. A poll is open to the public to decide which factions will face off next. You're all invited to come vote for which factions you want to see featured as playable factions in the next storyline.

I'd welcome your comments below. For example, if you really liked any particular lore updates, let me know. Likewise if there's a plot thread or theme you'd like to see more of.

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Thanks for introducing me to factions Noxus lost tonight, unfortunately. Then again it was an expected loss, silvers v bronze. Thanks for helping organize!