[2 skin concepts]

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Hello summoners,

so recently i have been thinking about some skin ideas, and i came up with 2 skin ideas that i think are pretty cool, so here they are:

Pokemon Trainer Ziggs:

Champion appearance: the bombs that he holds in his hand can be Pokeballs, his bomb on his back can be the trainer backpack, and he could have a Pokemon hat on, so you could basically make him look sorta like Ashe (from Pokemon, not the champion)

His Q: nothing really hard about this one,the bomb could just be re-skinned to look like a Pokeball.

His W: the satchel charge on the ground could be a Pokemon like Pikachu, or any Pokemon for that matter. or, it could be a Pokeball, and then wen it explodes a Pokemon could pop out of it.

His E: the bombs on the ground could be all Pokeballs, and then when each one is stepped on a Pokemon will pop out

His R: he throws a giant Pokeball, and when it lands and explodes, for a split second a legendary Pokemon like Groudon or Kyogre will be seen or can appear, the visual effects could be anything really,(or any new legendary Pokemon that i don't know about since i don;t play Pokemon)

so that is my idea for Pokemon Trainer Ziggs, i hope you like it

Now for my next skin concept

Green Lantern Thresh:

honestly i haven't worked out this one too much yet in my head, but i thought i would tell you what i have thought of so far, so obviously his lantern would be like the green lanterns lantern, and then you could just make thresh's body look like the green lantern

His Q: Instead of his Q looking like a hook, it could be like a beam coming from his ring and then the person slowly gets pulled in, instead of being tugged.

His W: it could be the same only that you would just re-skin the lantern to look like the green lanterns lantern

His E: not really sure about this idea yet, like i said this is a work in progress, so bear with me

His R: Make the walls a brighter green to match his suit, and make the walls connected all the way, instead of poles being in between each side of the wall, so it is just one solid green pentagon.

Alright! So those are my skin concepts that i have been brainstorming for quite a while now, i hope that people who read this whole thing thought that they were fairly good ideas for someone that has no artistic anything within them. I know that these may not be possible skins due to copyright issues and all that, but i still felt like i just post this anyways. hope you enjoyed!

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Great idea needs more love.

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Here's a ancient magic, copyright.

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check mine out show me some love plz view