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TT Turret Bug

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Over the last week or so, I've played a handful of TT games where a similar turret bug keeps happening. Here is what seems to be occurring:

1) Enemy team dives turret to secure a kill.
2) Enemy team gets at least one kill, turret attacks first person with aggro
3) Enemy team player with turret aggro dies with killing blow going to turre
4) Remaining enemy team member or two attempt to kill remaining players under turret
5) Turret attacks minions while enemy team gets free reign to kill remaining players, unaffected by the turret.

Now, this could be happening to our team if we turret dive, but being that we tend to not dive turrets very often, I've yet to see it work favorably for us. Specifically, we lost an otherwise winnable game due to the second turret killing a Singed, and then we watched as an Olaf killed our last teamate under the turret, then start attacking the turret without ever leaving turret range. At no time did the turret acknowledge his presence, as it simply started killing minions.

Has anyone else run into this problem or anything similar?