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Ryze Guide

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Alright, everyone knows ryze is a big deal. He has all the elements of a great late game ap carry and more: tanky, spammable skills, a hard CC, bit of AoE damage (especially with ult) and does some damage on top of that. I figured I could help people know more about ryze.


This is where most guides trip you up. Many recommend you dip 9 into offense for magic penetration. This is a mistake. Dipping 9 into offense is only occasionally an option I'll talk about that later.

There are two different setups that I run, each with its ups and downs.

0/9/21 (or 9/0/21)
3-Expanded Mind
1-Summoner's insight
1-Runic Affinity
Total: 21

Either 3-Resistance 1-Hardness or 2-2, depending on enemy team and prefrence.
1-Vetrans Scars
Total: 9

1- Summoner's Wrath
3-Brute or Mental force
1-Arcane Knowledge

Now, probably the question on your mind about this page is mostly "why take greed/wealth? why not take bonus xp and a bit more mana regen (dip 1 point into meditate)." The answer and one I learned from scarra is that dipping one point into wealth is HUGE, the extra 20g at the start of the game allows you to pick up boots + 4 health potions intead of boots + 3. If you stayed to wait for a 4th health potion, you would miss cs (unlike top lane, which can do this without missing many cs, if any). The extra health potion helps tons for staying power in lane, allowing you to get more cs and level up higher before going back to get your first round of items.

Dipping 9 into the defense tree allows for higher resistances and more tankyness. While this may seem pretty even to the magic penetration and bonus cdr, keep in mind that ryze early game is actually rather weak. A great deal of champions will go to try and trade or harass you in lane as ryze, and having the bonus health and resistances is invaluble, not only during laning but in team fights as well. Also, the 4% cdr, as you find out later, is totally unnecessary. With Intellegence, you will have the 40% cap or close to it WITHOUT the 4% bonus.

The rest is pretty easy and understanable to anyone who knows ryze well. Nothing really better in the first level than reduced time on flash and bonus mana (which are both great to have). The movement instead of mana regeneration is pretty simple as well. Ryze is mid-range and a good deal of his laning phase is dodging skillshots from champs like ahri, swain, and others to be safe to farm. Both the ability to close the gap and the ability to dodge skillshots makes movement speed invaluble on ryze.

Runic affinity because you're going to be getting blue buffs mid game, and the one point it takes to keep that blue buff on for longer is quite nice. Also, baron buff increased duration always helps (even though baron buff doesn't provide much to ryze in comparison to most other champions). 20% for 1 point is a LOT.

Spell Vamp for sustain in lane. You're going to be casting spells, 3% is a nice bit of sustain and staying power in lane. Intellegence is 6% cdr vs Strength of Spirit. I guess people would argue to get SoS instead. The thing is, ryze scales better with cooldowns than health regeneration. I mean, it's nice, but the bonus sustain isn't helping at all during laning (not a very high % ratio till you get some items going) and really, late game you get all the sustain you need from ult and WotA. Really seems unnecessary when you can just max out your cdr with intellegence.

Mastermind, no brainer. Ignite and flash up 15% more often is a godsend for one point.

I suppose you can dip offense instead of defense. Nothing too wrong, persay, I just like ryze more tanky than damagy. The 4% will help and will cap off the bit of %cdr to get 40% exactly. Personal prefrence. If you dont think they're going to stack MR to get the most out of the penetration, dont dip into offense for sure, though. Also, don't dip 9 into offense against bursty hard lanes like leblanc, annie, ahri, or anyone who can burst you early. What you can also get out of the offense tree, as an option, is brute force. Ryze doesn't have the best AP scales and brute force can help you get cs.

Mastery Tree #2: 0/21/9

Probably run this more often than the other one. Does a lot of what utility does but drops some of the sustain (spellvamp, bonus hp pot, etc.) for sheer tankyness. And juggernaut is a hell of a point to put on anyone, really, especially a mid range mage.

1-Vet. Scars
Total: 21

3-Expanded mind
1-Summoners Insight
1-Runic affinity

There really is no reason to go down offense in this one. You are less than 4% away from the cap and the penetration and ap aren't nearly as good as the movespeed, mana, flash cd, and longer blues.

This tree is, as I said, like the last one but tankier. You get a bit more movement speed (5% when above 70% hp, and you're going to be solidly tanky) a bit more cdr at lv18, though less early. A bit more resistances, a bit more hp regen, which is just a little tag along for the fact that you are lacking a bit on sustain for choosing defense rather than utility. You can feel a bit of spell vamp hurtage later on, but nothing too serious.


I run typically two different pages for ryze, depending.

First Page:
9x Greater Mark of Insight (.95 magic pen)
9x Greater Seal of Replinishment (.41 mana regen/5s)
9x Greater Glyph of Warding (1.34 magic resist)
3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (1.5% movement speed)

I love running this page if possible. The magic pen is just a good mark allowing you to do more damage and scales well into late game. The replenishment really helps for the fact that, inevitably, you will probably miss some cs or harass the enemy and will be using your spells. Early game ryze has serious mana regeneration issues. It helps a good deal to have these for lane sustain. Late game you really dont need them, you have a huge mana pool and will have to go through your combo at least 7-10 times to be low on mana, at least. Glyph of warding is pretty standard, magic resistance helps you to not get harassed and potentially trade later on with their mid. Swiftness is a must-have. I was reluctant before getting my movement quints about their use on ryze. But they are simply amazing. Dodge skillshots with ease and close the gab to trade and get ganks successful. Just amazing quints to have.

Second Page: "Oh, you're playing LeBlanc"

Marks, Seals, Glyphs: Warding (magic resistance)
Quints: Swiftness/Warding (movement/magic resistance)

Oh, you're playing a champion that needs to kill me early to have any use mid game? and then will just suck late game while I am an unstoppable force?

Her burst is way too high to run the first page and be safe. Just make this page to ensure that you wont die to leblanc early, so you can farm, get banshees, then beat her out mid game. This page doesn't mean you want to trade with leblanc early game, though. Please wait for negatron or catalyst or banshees to trade with leblanc, depending on her farm/items.

Early Game- Levels 1-5

99% of the time, you will be starting Boots + 3 (or 4) health potions. Last hitting became much easier with ryze with the speed buff on his auto attacks, so last hitting with autos isn't really a problem once you get the hang of it.

Expect the lane to push twards you, especially against characters like twisted fate, mordekaiser, morgana, etc. Since Ryze is a champion that is extremly hard to last hit under tower with, you need to break one of your rules. People told you not to auto-attack the wave. Well, when the wave is pushing into your turret, you need to auto attack that wave. Once the cs gets to your turret, it is about 100x more difficult to cs as ryze before level 6. Auto attack the creeps, but be sure to stall if it means getting the last hit.

Also to note: since the creeps will, more likely or not, be coming to you, their mid will be extended. No mid starts with wards. Ryze sets up ganks mid like almost no other in the game. Get your jungle to come mid to their extended mid. Land a suprise Q-W combo, your jungle ganks, and then you get a kill. Dont be afraid to flash if you need to get one more q off for the kill. Ignite if they are too extended, low level mids are pretty squish and will most likely die if you get the ignite combo off on them with a good gank.

Last hitting under towers is difficult. Typically, early game ryze needs to hit a melee minion once, the tower hit that minion twice, and ryze hit it one more time to get the last hit. Ranged minions are also: ryze hits once, turret hits once, ryze last hits. You're probably going to miss some cs under turret. Some are impossible to get. Thats the way ryze is pre-6.

The only exception to the boots+pots rule is when fighting pantheon or talon or some cheesy ad mid. Get cloth + 5 and run 0/21/9 100% of the time. You need the resistances, health, and reduced disable duration. You simply want to farm whatever cs wont get you harassed to hell and back. Be wary of ganks from your own jungle side, especially an alistair or lee sin type. Always let them push into your turret. You're going to miss cs, that is the nature of the lane. Getting as much as possible will set you up to be 100% better than them late.

Early-Mid Game - First Back, around level 6

If you know the enemy mid is meant to burst combo you down like annie, ahri, brand, etc. please resist the urge to get tear of the goddess first. Get catalyst. The bonus health is pretty much mandatory to survival in lane against those characters. You can also get negatron, but the bonus mana helps you do a bit more damage, and catalyst is better, in my opinion. After your first catalyst, then get tear.

Against lanes that wont auto-burst early-mid game like twisted fate (he pushes the lane so you can always back off from his gold card since you're going to be near turret), anivia (she's gonna be farmin. Unless you're careless, you should be fine just by dodging her q), and veigar (you're winning that lane if you have wards), or just generally against people you think you can outplay, go tear. Earlier tears always stack up quicker, and ryze stacks it up fast. Tear gives mana and regen, giving more damage and more mana sustain in lane. Just be careful about dying early. If you farmed well and can afford it, get a ruby crystal and tear of the goddess.

Regardless of what you buy, always get 2 wards and at least 1 health potion. They are invaluble to you, especially since you will begin pushing the lane back and extending.

At level 6 you can do something that was previously difficult: farm under turret. Your jungle, if they are a good jungle, will give you 2nd blue. Farming under turret with or without blue is simple, press R and do Q-W-E-Q. The wave will topple and you will get the cs.

This is the level where middle lane will want to roam, and you're no exception. If you find yourself alone in lane, feel free to press R, kill the wave, and then go to either lane to roam. The lane you farmed wil shove, forcing their mid to go or miss cs, and you will be free to roam without missing cs. Watch out though. You're not the strongest roamer. Your w will secure a good deal of kills during a roam, but they can follow you down. Also, be sure to warn everyone if your mid is missing. This is the key time for them to do some searching around for kills to get a 1 up on you.

Team Fights:

Ryze can pretty much go in early into a team fight. Find a carry (pref. ad) combo them, ult combo them, and make sure they die. If they focus you late game, thats perfectly fine. If your ad has any damage, the amount of time it will take to focus you down will be enough for them to sweep the team.

Ability Combos:
Q-W-Q-E-Q-R-Q-W-Q-E-Q [high health target, including baron and dragon]
Q-W-E-Q-R-Q-W [low health target that is close to death after Q-W-E-Q]
Q-W-E-Q [Poke harass]
Q [Light poke]


Build Order:

Start: Boots + 3/4 health potions -or- Cloth + 5 health potions (against Pantheon, Talon, etc.)
First back:
Typically on the first back, I like to pick up either tear of the goddess and a ruby crystal, or a catalyst if I'm against an bursty, all-in lane. Always when I go back the first time, I get 2 wards and stack back up to 3 health potions, even if that means delaying an item. The health potions are what you will need to stay in lane. A smart player knows that if you come back with no health potions, they can harass you heavily and force you out of lane. The wards are twofold: to protect yourself from ganks, and to know which direction your lane is going if they roam.

Early Game Core: Catalyst, Tear of the Goddess, Merc/Sorc/Ninja Tabi
Mid Game Core: Upgraded Catalyst (Rod of Ages if your team needs damage, Banshees if you're in a difficult lane), Tear of the Goddess, Merc/Sorc/Ninja Tabi, Glacial Shroud
Mid-Late Core: Frozen Heart, Upgraded Catalyst, Tear of the Goddess, Merc/Sorc/Ninja Tabi, Hextech Revolver (if you're getting blue buffs) or Catalyst (if you find yourself needing the second item for its benefits.)
Late Game Core: Frozen Heart, Upgraded Catalyst, Tear of the Goddess, Merc/Sorc/Ninja Tabi, Hextech Revolver, 6th item [void staff/2nd upgraded catalyst/guardian angel/abysal scepter]
6-Item Ryze: Frozen Heart, Upgraded Catalyst, Archangel's Staff, Merc/Sorc/Ninja Tabi, Will of the Anchients, 6th item.

Rod of Ages - 9/10

Rod of Ages, especially if built early, gives ryze a very good amount of damage. Rushing this is almost mandatory in games where you are lacking either or both a damaging top or damaging jungler. The synergy it has with your kit is outstanding, giving you health, mana, and ability power over time.

Frozen Heart - 10/10

Absolutly amazing. The amount of armor it gives is one thing, but the passive makes team fights go heavily in your team's favor. If your team already has a frozen heart, still a 7/10 for the bonus damage and synergy it gives with ryze. The CDR and mana this item does gives two things: one: max cdr, or close to it. Two: a solid mana pool. What does this mean? You have 0 use for blue anymore. Give it off to that other team member that can use the CDR and mana. Makes your team stronger in that area as well. Very core item.

Banshee's Veil - 9/10

Against fed AP carries or teams with large amounts of magic damage, banshees is a great item to rush. It gives more damage, more health, and most importantly, a ton more resistance to magic damage. The veil proc will also be invaluble to block spells.

Will of the Anchients - 7/10

Nothing to rush getting. Getting an early hextech revolver is amazing if you're finding yourself pretty much on permablue. Getting blues means that spell vamp on ryze allows you to trade and sustain your lane amazingly. Will is an amazing item to upgrade to later on in the game, too, especially if you have more than one AP.

Tear of the Goddess - 10/10

Rush it if you don't think you will die for rushing it. While giving no health or sustain, tear of the goddess will give you amazing regen and damage (mana). Getting a capped tear doesn't take 40 minutes either. Capped tears are amazing on ryze, and the item is cheap.

Archangel's Staff - 7/10

Also something you never should rush. Typically I get this after WotA, unless I'm our only AP and we're in dire need of damage. A capped tear will upgrade your damage pretty well when buying archangel's staff. Getting a second as a 6th item is also an option, since you will have a very large mana pool. Again, you should only build a second in situations where your team needs more damage rather than more tankyness.

Guardian Angel - 6/10

As a 6th item, if you don't like the sustain WotA gives you, this can give some decent resistances and the passive can turn a team fight around if you get focused. Still prefer the WotA as 6th item considering that you have a large health bar and are spamming spells, so the spell vamp and aura are amazing.

Void Staff - 5.5/10

If they are stacking MR and you are needed for damage, for reasons stated under rushing Rod of Ages. Pick it up.

Abyssal Scepter - 7/10

A great support aura to lower enemy MR while giving yourself more MR and a bit more damage. Typically, junglers like amumu will be getting one themselves, though, so ask if they are planning on getting one before getting it yourself, as two certainly is not as good as just one. The only real problem, in my opinion, is that this item is outclassed. Even if you're the one forced to get it, you could be getting a different item that I think does better on ryze.

Deathcap 5/10

I saw one game where scarra sold banshees for deathcap (he said he regretted it himself). One. If you have like 3k and all pots you can sell banshees for deathcap. It adds a bit of damage, but takes some tankyness away. So it's a tradeoff. I'd probably hold on to banshees.

Mercury Treads - 10/10

The enemy team have a good deal of CC? Grab em. Always. If the enemy team is super heavy on magic damage also good to grab for the resists. But mostly against good CC teams.

Sorcerer's Boots 8/10

Gives more damage. Against very light CC it can be a good pickup. Usually prefer merc, but these are potentially a viable option.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity 3/10

Not viable. With Frozen Heart, you will have close to max cdr. Don't buy them on ryze or I will facepalm you from your computer screen.

Ninja Tabi - 5/10 (9/10)

For those very few games where you see 4-5 heavy AD sources. Nothing less than that though.

Potition of Fortitude - 9/10

If you're getting a temp pot for late game, this is the first one to get. Blue pot gives CDR, which you have maxed, and a bit of Ability Power, which doesn't scale amazingly. The bonus health is the best thing for ryze, and the tiny bit of ad is just a bit to help on.

Blue Pot - 8/10

Cap off your cdr 1-3% if you need it. Ability power isn't terrible on ryze either, gives a bit more damage.

Oracles - 3/10

You really shouldn't be getting this until you're 6 item ryze with all the temporary potions. Despite being tanky, don't spend 400 to get ward detection. It puts a big target on your head, and you delay your late game, which is probably two of the worst things you could've done. Ask the support or jungle to get it instead.

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Senior Member


Well you worked hard on it, but Ill refrain from voting.

I dont really like 21 utility. You spend a lot of points and dont get much for it. 4th pot is nice but hardly gamebreaking.

Compare to 21 defense. The extra points get you 8.1 CDR (Heart+10%ryze+this = 38.1% CDR endgame), which is comparable to Utility.
3% MS at 70% health is way better than 1.5% for the same points.
5% extra health is really solid on anyone, along with the extra tenacity.
21 pts allows both the exta health AND the 6 armor/6 MR talents.

For offense, you might consider taking 2 in the anti-creep for +4 dmg for last hitting. I agree that offense sucks since 4 AP is awful, and the 4% CDR is insufficient by itself. Maybe a 9-0-21 would work to fully max CDR.
But I prefer my 2-21-7 approach.

Don't emphasize crappy items like Deathcap. As a 5th or 6th item, a second Archangels staff would costs way less and give a lot more gains. At 4k mana pool, we are talking 165 AP, plus 400 mana.

Upgrading the first Tear to AA is quite cost effective at about a 3k mana pool.

Don't add "what the hell" items... thats just stupid. Nobody needs a guide to tell em what to do when theyve played the extremely rare game when all items are maxed.

You absolutely never take Tabi or Mercs ever. With Ryze flat 24 MPen from E, and MPen runes, 20 pen from sorc shoes is wayyyy better. Especially as Abyssal is a good choice on Ryze and synergizes well.
It also makes Void Staff pretty poor and only taken in very specialized circumstances.

Um, where is your Abyssal? If their magical damage is dominating or team comp demands, you need more than 1 banshee.
An abyssal not only adds tons of MR, but the Aura is very very strong in conjunction with all Ryze's flat penetration. The AP is even more usable nowdays after reworks.

Combos. You use Q,W,E,Q because it is an instantaneous combo. The W,E reduce your Q by 2 seconds, so even with modest CDR (say 20%) your Q cooldown which is 3.5 normally, reduced to 2.8 thru the CD, means you can get off all 4 spells in under 1 second.

The proper sustained damage output combo is to put 1 spell inbetween Q. That puts Q at a 1.1 second cooldown effectively with 40% CDR.
i.e. Q,W,Q,E,Q,R,Q,W,Q,E,Q

You need an actual BUILD ORDER, not just random reviews of items.

i.e. Boots+3 pots to start.
Rush Tear ASAP.
Take appropriate counter item, either negatron or chain.
If negatron, get Catalyst for more sustian, upgrade to banshee.
if chain, get Glacial shroud to frozen heart.
[ take whichever item you havent taken yet]
Upgrade to Sorc Shoes when you can.

Core is now complete: Tear, shoes, Banshee, Heart.

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Thanks for your comments. I'll try to respond to them as best I can.

I actually agree with you that I like 21 defense more than 21 utility, but I've done both and they are both very viable on Ryze, in my opinion. I think I did mention that I liked 21 defense more myself.

In terms of 2/21/7 taking 2 points in butchery for easier cs potential. I can see where you're going with it. I just think that Runic Affinity is such a huge point to pass up. Considering you will almost certainly have blue buff at least twice if not more times per game, 20% increased duration is too huge to pass up, in my opinion. Also, a bit more movement speed never killed anyone, especially on someone like ryze who synergizes so well with it.

I didn't try to emphasize deathcap. I gave it a lower rating...and I said to only think about getting it after you have 6 items and 4k lying around, and then it still may not be the right choice. Double AA is actually an interesting idea, and I didn't consider it. I'll add it on. I just remember one game where it was built and decided to pop it in in case someone wanted to try it out. Lets face it, 6 item ryze is terrifying regardless.

Although the AA upgrade is cost effective early game, as I stated in the guide, I don't think it's a worthwhile early purchase unless your team needs damage, and needs it fast. I think the utility and resists and sheer tankyness of the rest of your items is a bit better for most team comps, especially those which have at least 2 suitable damage champions, if not 3.

Think the only "what the hell" item was the cdr boots. And I just wanted to put it in there cuz I talked about the synergy of cdr and ryze in the guide, so I had to shy away those who would think that those boots are good on him...

You should try mercs sometimes. If I see heavy CC teams, for example, ones including Nautlius, Alistair, or some hard CC like taric, I find the tenacity and survivablility that merc treads simply outclasses sorc shoes. Also, if you say merc is a "never" item, you should watch more pro games and tourneys...the people at the top build merc more often than not on ryze.

Suggested tabi only because there are some games when the enemy team is nothing but physical damage, or just almost all physical. Like games with a renekton top and nocturne jungle, both of whom have close if not 0 magic damage, and with an ad bot, ninja tabi is WAY worth the price of admission, in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't say sorc shoes isn't viable. If the enemy team doesn't have too heavy ad or too much CC I get sorc every time. I just think the others have their place, especially merc treads. And I honestly don't think you can say that void staff is bad without sorc shoes. Void staff is a perfectly legit one item way of getting through a good % of resists, with or without more penetration.

I haven't done too much testing with abyssal. Typically, if my team is running an ap jungle, they pick it up as one of their core items. I will probably include that in the items list though. Thanks.

Probably will update the long combo to the one you stated. Thanks for that.

I didn't put in a specific build order simply because, in my opinion, ryze is too flexable to just say "build XXX into XXX into XXX" every game. If the enemy ad is fed, you might want to rush an ealier frozen heart or glacial shroud. If you're fighting leblanc, ahri, or another bursty mid you will probably look to get banshees to live in lane. If your team needs damage, rushing rod of ages is perfect. I put in details about why the items are good on ryze and what they do for him, and knowing which items to buy and when is a part of playing ryze. One of his best parts, in my opinion, is he can adapt easily to the game, so I didn't want to put in a static build guide for him.

But if you really want a build order, I guess I will update with a specific build.

Thank you for your comments, I really do appriciate it.

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Junior Member


thank you for guide, is cool

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2 post osrry.

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Senior Member


Good thoughts and reply. +1 for me.

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Not a bad guide i like it, Ryze is my favorite champion 9/10 of my games i am playing with him and i started playing League of legends on December 2009, did few pentas with him, if any one is interested in my guide check it out guys lolking.net/guides/48119 i spend like hours and hours building it.