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LF Updated Fiddle Sticks jungling guide

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If anyone knows how to jungle or has a guide as fiddle sticks post hit heree

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Not sure of minimum requirements, but I started at level 30, with MPen, Dodge, CDR, & Flat HP runes.

Basic 9/0/21 build. I don't use smite myself, but imagine you may need to if you want to jungle at lower levels. I find that it doesn't give me a significant speed boost in the jungle at all, but does gimp my offensive capabilities a bit later.

Route is very similar to amumu.

Start: Amp Tome & HP Pot
Blue Rune- Hit 3x from bush, Drain, Red Pot while drain CD, Attack/Drain.
Kill wolves then wraiths, using your drain's great dps to take down the bigger targets.
+Drain is preferred for speed and utility purposes, but level one actually can suffice.
Red rune

You can actually dragon after that initial cycle with a good setup, but it takes way to freaking long. Might as well use that red rune of urs and your awesome nonsmite summoner skills to grab a kill or hold a lane for someone.