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help with shen

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having a blast with shen during the free weekend. Its all well and good in short games lasting ~30 mins. After this time period i find that i become quite obsolete, lacking damage and my tanking abilities arnt that amazing either.

My current build is
Start with ruby crystal
giants belt to warmogs
crystal scepter

Games dont usually go longer than this but if they do, i like to pick up a FoN.

I understand that it is effective to get a sunfire instead of warmogs but i feel that the aditional heath gives me a bit more leway in intiation / tanking.

Pretty much any advice on playing shen particually lategame

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Warmog's might seem great on someone like Shen, but believe me it is not. Shen excels at taking the intital burst and shrugging it off; having high armor/mr on top of Feint helps do that. Rylai's scepter can be a fun item on shen, but once again you are all about helping your teammates out. I won't bother you anymore about item builds, ultimately it's up to you to decide what's best.

Lategame Shen should be a tank machine, so with your teammates around if you initiate right when they're near that should be gravy. In the late game when everyone is more geared out, there are certain champs that you have to keep away from your carry/nukers as much as possible. If you don't have a champion on your team that's a good intitator, then it's up to you to decide when is best to strike: just make sure your team knows.

Spamming vorpal blade might seem like a fun idea because you are doing a little bit of damage, and whoever hits them will get small hp bonuses, but vorpal is not the best thing to do in team fights. Throwing it once in the beginning of a team fight then hitting with your passive is about the best burst you can do, so don't go crazy with it.

Late game when the other team has better equipment, your squishies will die quick if they're focused, and it's your job to keep them off. Saving energy not vorpal spamming and using feint in moderation to keep you alive is good and all, but your main helpfulness in teams is to always have enough energy to shadow dash again when it's up. When there's a champ like Garen who just started his judgement, if you can shadow dash him away from your team do it.

I can imagine it's quite annoying to a Garen spinning/Yi in Highlander mode/etc just started hitting your squishies and you pulled them away. If you have more aoe's on your team try to get behind a champ and dash bunch them all together: dashing the enemy squishies to your team is what Shen is best at doing. Lategame some champs like warwick it would be crazy for him ult in right away because he would be bursted down, but champs that have farther range stuns that aren't so obvious you're going to charge them are good. Ult'ing a Warwick to give him a shield while he ults is a very good way to start a team fight because your Warwick is keeping him held in place and if the other team wants to save their teammate, they have to go through you and a shielded warwick. It's especially fun on stealthers. Shen ult'ing on your stealth champ drastically changes the outcome of many battles.

Just play safe, don't spam your energy, taunt the threats away as much as possible/taunt to your nukers.