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Taric - Requesting help

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I run in to stun, aoe, and hit.

I get focused and die.

Thats how all mass battles go. The only way I can avoid it is to hang in the back. What do you guys do? What am I missing?

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your missing what your role is.

your ulti provides a huge AOE damage buff and you have a team armor buff and a good heal... basiclaly your a big fat rally stick. good teams should target you almost immediatally(espically if you run in) to deny the opponent an advantage.

if you like playing the charge in style i'd suggest malphite or amumu as their ulti's are more conducive to this play...

playing taric you probably don't want to be the first in, but you defentally need to be in the mix as you're a melee character and can be rather tanky. i'ts a real grey line that you will figure out. try saving your stun untill the fight as been started, not to start the fight. try to get someone who is in a bad position that is squishy. don't run in and stun their tank, that does no good.

on the other hand it's importnat to have good teamwork so you don't run in soak up damage while your team watches you die.

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^ This.

Taric isn't the best choice if you like to be the one to initiate combat in team fights. His stun is much better used to stop a runner and let your team finish them off.

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Myself recently i love playing taric now, with a strong lane partner you can completely dominate a lane early.

Not really a guide but it works well for me.

Skill Order
Armor Aura
Max Heal and Armor

The reason i do this in this order is you Aura shatter is good damage early game gives you a great way to harass melee and keep them away from creep denying them gold. Also early on one point in radiance is enough.

Item Composition
Start with 7.5 per 5 mana pendant till you recall back this should be more than enough mana regen.

The main goal is to be careful and stay on your lane untill 1800g At that point port back mercual treds and chalice

This gives you great magic resist on top of your already high armor that and treds give you 40%- snare duration.

At that point i go for Nash tooth most of the time you can hold off recalling untill you have the gold to buy it out right sometimes you have to buy it in parts.

From there i guess it turns into more personal preference i go Agies of the legion-Trinity Force or Warmogs depending on the game.

As said with Taric you are there to support Stun runners keep your allies up and buff them anyway you can.

Game i just played i was 3-0-15
To me as a support thats what it should look like most of the time that assist would not have been a kill without you.

Also be smart about Radiance if Singed flips the person you stunned into your team turn it on thats 40% damage to everyone around you, Yi will send you a thank you card later for turning his 600 crits into 800+.

For early lane harassment my personal Favorite tactic is stun hit radiance right before you get to them shatter the aura get a hit or 2 and just run back out.Be smart tho you may not wanna do this to say a ryze morgana and such unless you are sure you can get out with minimum damage.If they get a few hits on you dont worry you can heal they cant(for the most part)

Also dont be a hero and if you see someone tring to be dont follow them they will get you killed.

Anyway hope this helps someone somewhat its done me great so far, as taric you can easly turn the battle in a number of ways just gotta play smart.

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I R Orc Peon

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@Gyrn: About the skill order yes you definatly max stun as the last skill but the first skill/skills are situational.

Do you need a heal a stun or aoe damage at lvl 1.. mostly I go with AOE damage and armor buff.. but stun could work just as well with certain partners. from lvl 4 I usually focus on keeping the armor/aoe as high as possible. This makes the heal a bit weak but helps you farm and harass.

Healing earlygame is nice but never seemed to win any fights for me.. I would just stand at the back healing so I could hit a creep a couple of times before having to heal again.
Not very mana efficient.

@everyone: Tbh early game I often couldnt care less about boots.. I start with Meki pendant and if I got the money when I first go back, I go for sages ring after I make chalice. That gets me a huge mana pool so I can easily bash down the first tower.

Ofcourse I have to be dominating the lane... but I wouldnt have that kind of cash at lvl 5 or 6 if I wasnt. getting that first tower is a big help to all of your team and now you can go and take over another lane while the previous occupant can go buy with the gold he got from you killing that tower.. or he can go gank the last lane if he needs more cash.. :P

anyway earlygame its quite possible to get kills as taric.. depends on your lane partner and the opposition though. If your partner is ranged you probably wont get kills.

If the opposition are both heavy pushers, you will be strugling to keep them off your tower and not getting any kills either. Though unless one of them is Alistar you should be getting more creep kills than the tower.

I agree in team fights mid and late game you either shouldnt be in them (pushing a tower while the rest keeps their heroes busy) or you will be hanging back using radiance when you need to put some pain on the enemy.. and stunning those that go for your squishy heroes. The armor aura should stay up unless you have the enemy in disarray.

The way I build Taric he usually doesnt have a lot of hp just lots of armor and resists and buffs and debuffs.. to run in first is giving the enemy a great chance to reduce the effectiveness of your team by half or so.. 1 less hero and no nice buffs/debuffs.

I often forget that part though and charge in cause noone else seems to wanna :P bit of Leroy...

Oh yeah and I said you shouldnt be in team fights sometimes.. well not if your teleport is ready and your creeps are close to an enemy tower in another lane and all the enemy heroes are busy trying trying to figure out how to attack the 4 guys you have guarding a tower.. cant tell you how many none fighting minutes Ive had in so many games where the teams are all mid.. sizing each other up and only killing creepwaves never getting anywhere for up to 5 minutes.. first one to leave that stalemate faliure is the winner.. gets to save a tower or to kill one.. Or what happens is as soon as you leave the fighting starts cause the enemy senses weakness.. If we are defending either we beat them or people are forced to give up a tower that couldnt be saved anyway. If we are in offense well no offense should be kept up for more than a minute. That ruins any advantage you had.

Sorry about wall of text above.

ofcourse the strategy also depends on if you have someone faster and better at playing B team to go kill their towers while you stay with the group like the loveable beacon of buffs you are. Id much rather send a Master Yi or Twitch to strike somewhere else. especially since they wouldnt notice Twitch was gone till he was busy killing their tower.

Taric and Alistar are the better creep pushers though and while they are nice to have with the team... They need to farm cause when the team is together they get nothing. They are sometimes better off going solo to turn a creepwave or to kill a tower. If you see them do that... either the whole team should join them or they should keep well away.. cause if the enemy isnt tied down somewhere else. They are going for the creep pusher.
And when you notice the enemy move.. please tell him.. cause he is busy last hitting :P

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You all should really bring this discussion to the Taric thread.