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The current problem with Twitch

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Hello, this thread is about Twitch his ultimate.

Currently, in the game this ultimate has no value. Let me copy paste what his ultimate does nowadays.

Spray and Pray
Twitch closes his eyes and fires his crossbow, spraying powerful piercing arrows ahead of him.

Spell Summary
Twitch's attacks become long range, passing through units, and he gains (15/25/35) Attack Damage.

Lasts 12 seconds or (5/6/7) attacks.
First thing first. This description doesn't include the fact that if the opponent moves 1 yard ( Yes, literally 1 yard) during this ultimate, the target won't be hit. Neither the main target won't be hit if he also moves. So the only way to land this ultimate is if the opponent isn't moving or is stunned.

Since everybody always moves in panic when they see suddenly a Twitch popping, his ultimate becomes less and less usefull. And since Twitch can't stun, his ultimate is basically wasted.

With only a 7 shot limit and 12 second duration you can impossible time it very well. It's either you miss all of your shots, or you actually hit somebody 1-3 times but you died. Why? Because the only time you will hit with this ultimate is if people are charging you...and since you won't 3 shot people to dead sadly enough, you just die since Twitch is fragile champion #1.

"You can just walk away from the target?" , well that's the whole point. You need to stand still during your ultimate, it's considered a normal auto-attack but with the chance of missing all of your auto-attacks. And because of the shot time limiter (12 seconds) you don't want to waste it. You could try to "kite" , but considering he has low MS to begin with and an AoE slow which requires dash range, and a shot limiter, he basically can't kite very well during his ultimate.

During the activate, he also gets bonus AD. 35 max bonus AD. But it's an ultimate - but why, compared with normal skills it clearly lacks everything? For example Master Yi and Sion.
Wuju Style
Master Yi becomes skilled in the art of Wuju, passively increasing the power of his physical attacks. Activating Wuju Style doubles the passive bonus damage for a short time, but the passive bonus is temporarily removed after the effect wears off.

Spell Summary
Passive: Increases physical damage by (15/20/25/30/35).

Active: Master Yi can activate this ability to double its effectiveness for 10 seconds, but this removes the passive bonus until Wuju Style becomes available again.
So basically, Master Yi gets a passive + 35 AD bonus, and it also doubles when on activate, making it a total of 70. Twitch on the other hand needs to activate his ultimate, with only + 35 AD bonus with a limiter on it.

Now with Sion.

While active Sion deals extra physical damage at the cost of health. Additonally, he permanently increases his maximum health whenever he kills a unit.

Spell Summary
Toggle: Increase Sion's damage by (25/35/45/55/65), and he gains (1/1.5/2/2.5/3) maximum health per kill.
So....Sion gets each level higher AD then Twitch AND it's even a passive.

So how come, an ultimate of a champion, got lesser bonusses compared with others? It's not for nothing supposed to be an ultimate right?

Then I thought, "Well Twitch ultimate is an AoE so it's fair".

Well that mindset is just literally wrong. First of all, Twitch need to hit his main target. Second, the main target must be in front of somebody else, that way the shot jumps over to the one behind him. BUT, that's another problem of the ultimate, yes, again the one behind him can just walk 1 yard and nullify his ultimate. So basically, it's a straight line AoE with a lot of conditions. Just like Irelia. But Irelia can just aim her ultimate and it hits everything on the way...

Then again Twitch gets higher range. But that's another downfall of the ultimate. The longer range you have, the longer it reach for the attack to hit the target. Yes, what this basically means is that the longer the distance, the more chance your target can nullify your ultimate just by moving.

So basically Twitch ultimate is very underpowerd at the moment. It isn't a skill shot, but it can be totally nullified if you move away 1 yard. The bonus AD is small and less effective when compared with that of Yi and Sion. The shot limiter makes it almost impossible to benefit from this ultimate. Also the range makes it almost impossible to land a good hit with it.

"So how come Twitch his ultimate has become from "OP" to UP?".

Simple. Let me copy paste the old ultimate.

Spray and Pray
Twitch closes his eyes and fires his crossbow, spraying powerful piercing arrows ahead of him.

Spell Summary
Twitch's attacks become long range, passing through units, and he gains (30/45/60% ) Attack Speed.

Lasts 6 seconds.
This was before the patch that made his ultimate useless. And the patches before did include older nerfs on his ultimate (first it was around 70-80% max AS and the duration was 7-8 seconds)

"Why was this ultimate much better then the one nowadays?". Well with this ultimate, you gained AS. If you combine the AS from his stealth with this, you could easily manage the 2.0 AS if you got 2x dagger or a recurve bow. So your shots will shoot faster because you auto-attack faster.

"But what's the benefit of it? People still can move away right?". True, very true. But there is one thing. Instead of a shot limiter, it has a limited duration, 6 seconds. So your ultimate is up for 6 seconds total, it doesn't matter how many times you hit, it will stay up for 6 seconds. So, for 6 seconds long, you can arrange your attacks accordingly because you don't have to worry about the shots you miss or hit. Likewise said, with a set duration and high AS, you barely noticed which shots missed or hitted - because you will always hit 3-5 times with it during the duration if properly used.

But now because you got a shot limiter, you really notice the difference. Because let's say, you miss 7 times, then you notice you won't shoot any more. With the old ultimate, yes you miss 7 shots (which is quite alot) but with a 2.0 AS, you only notice that you got 3 seconds gone of your ultimate, and maybe in the next 3 seconds you will hit your opponent.

If compared with other range aoe ultimate (Irelia, Miss fortune, Gragas, Corki etc) Twitch clearly lacks everything.

The damage is clearly lacking, because if you won't hit you don't do any damage. This doesn't apply to MF for example since her ultimate activates immediately and got a large cone, so people do get damage. Yes they can move out of it, but the same could be said with Twitch, which is even more disadvantageous for him.

Second, since Twitch ultimate is not a skillshot you can't just use it on moving enemies. Unlike Irelia and Corki, whos ultimate is a skillshot but it can be used during your own movement AND it got a high range.

"So, it's a known fact Twitch ultimate is useless. How to fix it?"

Well, that's a good question. There is just 1 thing that is wrong with this ultimate.

The chance to miss everything.

The thing about Twitch ultimate is if you won't hit you won't deal damage. So remove the miss component of the ultimate. So opponents won't nullify your 100 second ultimate on the first level just because they move 1 yard away during your auto-attack. Also to make it in line with other champion abilities, make the AD bonus passive and increase it to 35/55/75. It is an ultimate after all, so it just doesn't make sense that normal skills of Yi and Sion gives higher AD as a passive.

The shot limiter is something I need to think about it. If you remove the inability to miss, 7 shots in total sure can be devastating, so you need to tweak it out a bit.

This is my POV about Twitch ultimate and I hope somebody from Riot read this and understands what is wrong with him at the moment. Thanks for reading.

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win will

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They remaked him already

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I can see your point, edelvuur1, but the thing is that you state that it is underpowered for an ultimate. Well for some champions, the key to playing them well and being effective isn't mastery of their ultimate, it's mastery of the role and the champion as a whole (heck, some champions don't even HAVE ultimates in the sense you are using it [Udyr, Karma]). And I think this is the case with Twitch. The way to be effective as Twitch is through proper use of AD Carry positioning (knowing you role) and of his passive and whole skill-set. You can be more than effective enough by using his poison and expunge and invisibility properly without need for an exceptionally strong ultimate.
Also, it can be seen just from the title of the ultimate itself that the skill is not meant to be a precise thing either - "Spray and Pray" - literally just firing shots out and hoping for the best.
The rest of his skill-set is strong enough to not deem him 'under-powered'. On the description of Twitch and his stats in the game that you see when viewing him as a champion, the "Difficulty" bar is quite high - almost all the way up, in fact - which I think is a fair evaluation, as to play Twitch effectively you must be able to know innately as an AD Carry player where you should be and when; positioning is the key to ADC. I don't think his ultimate is the key to his play-style and hence is practical for what it is supposed to be used for; for applying stacks of your passive to more than a single target in specific multi-target fights (team fights), not for sniping kills.
Hopefully you can see the reasoning behind how Riot has built this champion a little more clearly now.