Dark knight pantheon

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NARRATOR: "You think Bandle city is a peaceful city? HO HO HO! Put your gum under your seats! Hold your breath! And get ready to cheer for BATHEON and his diabolical enemies! ALL OF THEM ARE ABOUT TO STRIKE!

RING RING! (Phone ringing)

Captain Teemo: "Commissioner Caitlyn!, we got a situation at Bandle City!! The villainous Shaco and the gang are plotting to rob Heimerdinger of his high-tech weaponry!! What should we do??

Commissioner Caitlyn: I think it's time to call him. Light the Bat signal, Captain!

There in the night sky of Bandle City, a dark figure came down from the sky..
thundering the ground with his majestic GRAND SKYFALL!!

Justice is here! NA NA NA NA NA NAAAA~~~~

Holy strawberries Batheon! look at that!!

The enemies are going to team up on him! The team are none other than...
JOKER Shaco..
SCARECROW Fiddlesticks.
Cyrocore Brand (Mr. Freeze)..

But just when they were about to strike...


Swift justice was delivered. The City is saved once again! Thanks to NA NA NA NA NA~~ BAT...... Wait....who's that?

A tall hulk figure came out of the shadows.. He was watching the fight from afar..studying him... waiting for the moment to strike.. to deliver the final vengeance. There is only one goal for him: To kill Batheon.

It's None other than Augmented Singed. Batheon's Arch-Nemesis.

(To be continued)

So....we'll be having the Augmented Singed soon. Who's better to bring in justice than the DARK KNIGHT PANTHEON himself?