Shaco Fanart! + Speedpaint Video

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Chicken Nugger

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Hi! First time poster here and I'm really nervous about it for some reason. u-u;
So I drew this Shaco here. And there's a little story behind this picture. My old friend requested a picture from me, far before I started playing League. He linked me to this weird picture of a clown. I tried drawing it and couldn't. I gave up and told him I wasn't good enough to draw it yet. This was back when I refused to play League because I had a totally wrong idea of it. He told me that I could draw it if I played but I refused.

So recently I had the inspiration to try drawing it again. Shortly after my failure of drawing the last Shaco I started playing League and now here I am drawing him and successfully pulling it off.

If there's anything I like more than playing League, It's drawing the champions. Riot never lets me down with a release of a champion. They're very fun to draw!

Video Speedpaint:

I'm also trying submitting this to the summoner showcase. Let's hope!

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Tyra Wadman

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This is amazing!!! D:<
Very nice to watch too <3