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Quick Question?

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The reason only one Zonyas is because its 25% only applies once. It DOES have the most AP in the game, but you'd need to spend a lot more to get 20 extra ap, the other items you can get for cheaper + the 25% from the ring would average out to 80-90ap per 70-80 ap item, and you'd get them faster (and they DO have other useful stats, not that you care about them right now but if you factor in that you need to get kills for your soul stealer to be at its peak, having stats that make you live more then 5 seconds = more ap.)

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The reason only one Zonyas is because its 25% only applies once. It DOES have the most AP in the game

Actually, Archangel's can provide more (In the example before, its 128 AP, not counting the Zhonya's Passive. However, to get that you need a ridiculous amount of Mana.

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Attached is a spreadsheet I just did up quickly.

Obviously, elixirs are the most cost efficient way. The later you buy it, the more cost efficient it is. Buying 5 of them per game at an average level is cheaper AP per gold than most of the items in the game.

So if you're looking to maximize your AP, look to spend about 20 minutes of the game elixir'd up (this is including early/midgame).

Mejai's is by far and away the best AP for your money, but it's also all you get. Choose carefully. Also, when this item is retooled when they redo snowball items, it will need to be reexamined.

Rageblade is probably the best item in the game for a battlemage.
Zhonya's is key to any nuker.
Then, in order:
Archangels with other mana sources.
Maxed rod of ages.
Fiendish Codex

etc. etc. etc.

But this is a strict AP analysis, as you asked. Doesn't take into account other effects.

Based on this, I would recommend going as a SOMEWHAT intelligent build (blind of any other match factors) to reasonably max AP:

Sorc Boots
Rageblade, unless you can't make use of it (no atk speed).

Of course if you can use the rageblade, you probably want a lichbane to replace one of those last items.

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IF you're looking for straight out AP rush, your best bet would probably be something like
Mejai's (1845)
Blasting Wand (860)
Blasting Wand (860)
Zhonya's (1975)

That costs 5540 and gives you 300 AP. That's the cheapest AP to cost ratio I can think of, and gets you an early Zhonya's (+25% to all future items. Massively useful).

I can't think of any way to match it if we're looking at pure AP. RoA is nice, but mainly for its other stats - For AP you're getting the equivalent of 2 Blasting Wands and its costing more.

The next step for improving that above build is pretty easy.
Mejai's (1845)
Zhonya's (3695)
Blasting Wand (860)
Blasting Wand (860)
Blasting Wand (860)
450 AP for 8120
That sets you up for your Rylai's, RoA and Abyssal in the way that returns the most AP. You'd also throw in a Sorc Boots in there.

Bait - I assume he's looking for the best balance - Quick and efficient. My method above does that. Yes, you can get more, but only for a significantly higher gold investment.

Mine costs 5540 for 300 AP. That's ~18 gold per point of AP. Archangel's costs 2890, and returns AP based upon your characters mana, which makes it difficult. If we assume Kassadin (Because he has about 1k mana at 18, so its easy) that means your 5 Archangel's and Zhonya's will put you to about 4100 Mana (83 AP from that passive). Overall, about 925AP. So, yeah, it provides 3 times the AP of my initial build (And twice of my bigger one), but costs 18k gold. Its slightly less efficient than just going Mejai's, Zhonya's (19gold per AP, as opposed to 18)

Danke, this is what I was looking for.