Ability Remake: Evelynn, the Widowmaker

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I've been playing Eve as my main for a while, and Honestly I like and hate alot of what they've done for her.

New Ult, kinda hot. giant AOE slow...
Hatespike much better with the line and much more useful for farming
Ravage's ("E") mana has been reduced finally so we can actually use some other ability after it in early game
Her Passive needed something different bigtime, and the New one isnt all that bad for what it does, massive mana regen, is ok. time into stealth, might want to shave a couple seconds off it, else were just standing around waiting for it to kick in.
scaling with both ad and ap now.


Dark Frenzy - I understand the need to have an ability to move her in and out of team fights, but honestly, it should be a permenant move speed increase not a per hit increase. It'll make using other boots on her much more effective. CDR or Pen or Att Spd, since you want her to have more apparently. AND it takes her out of stealth. why?! i kno they can see u but really? Really!
Ravage doesn't reduce MR/Armor.... She can kinda get by without it, but replacing it with Attack speed makes taking down turrets no prob.
-i dont hate the sight radius thing, honestly it makes you have to play much better, but how can a champion see behind himself? thats what oracle should do full 360 degree sight. norm should be a 180-+ degree radius infront . could smoot out ganks, and not reserve us to bushes all the time
-Oracle is useless against her..... you don't need it, why even consider it a counter to her. Maybe the range is greater than the new Sight, but why
- Why is her stealth any different from anyone else's stealth, if your going to fix it, do the same to all stealthers.

my 2 cents.

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RIP eve

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RIP eve