What just happened?

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So the weirdest thing just happened to me. I was in this normal game against a lee sin top. i was playing gp against him and i killed him. This guy is like "ok i'm ending this game in like 5 minutes" i thought he was going to rage quit or he was intending to carry and then i killed him again. He didn't say anything else but a few minutes after that it came up with "attempting to reconnect" My internet was fine and the other guys at my house playing in different games didn't dc or anything so i went to end game so i could just reconnect manually. When i did i went back to the screen and there was no active game to connect to. Just the normal front page.

There is nothing on my recently played or match history. The match just disappeared. I'm just sitting here dumbfounded and i didnt have the guys summoner name or anything written down.