Blitzcrank vs Teemo Bot lane

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I play blitzcrank as my main and I always get really funny ideas for pictures, so I had my rl friend Claes draw this one of what usually happens when I try grabbing teemo.
I never really seem to be able to really grab him just barely missing and grabbing his shorts instead , luckily though Lulu has a dress for him to wear. It took a couple weeks but It came out pretty good, couple secrets, some GEMS, a jealous veigar, and a sympathetic ahri.
(P.S. I was late to the party of LoL, I wouldn't mind if you took my 1907 RP and gave me those 3 old blitzcrank skins, I would have one for each role)
This is my friend's devaintart if anyone wants to look at more of his art, there will be coming I garen-tee it