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On The Fields of Justice

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Dan The lVlan

Junior Member


Alright, so everyone's been down that road where they create an OC for their favorite game/anime/show/book, what have you.. So it should not come as a surprise when I say i've come up with my own little character for my favorite MMO.. With that said, let's get to the pic's info!


Caption: "On The Field Of Justice"

Character's full name: Danyol (Said like Daniel) Easel

Species: Yordle

Homeland:[*]COMING SOON[*]

Class: Ranged, Mage, Support

Lore:[*]COMING SOON[*]


So, what's going on in the pic.. As you can see, Danyol's rockin` bot lane with Teemo, dodging a failed grab from Blitzcrank. Off in the distance, you can see the river leading to mid lane, complete with Dragon just off in the distance, with Veigar and Ahri duking it out in the background. I really just wanted an excuse to draw Dan in action, so I painted Summoner's Rift in the background, then I drew Teemo placing a mushroom.. Then I drew Blitzcrank grabbing.. And it turned out like this. lol

It's only the first of more pics to come, along with a Lore once I think of one.

I had fun drawing it, so I hope you guys like looking at it. ;D