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[Discussion Guide] Annie

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Lack of Color

Junior Member


In sequential order:

Health Potion
Meki>Fiendish Codex
Sorc Boots
Tears of Goddess>Arch
Rod of Ages.

Games don't usually last long enough for me to make Rod or even Archangel's but I solely play with my "Clan". If for some reason the game goes on long enough for me to spoil myself I'll buy:

Rod of Ages

You shouldn't ever really need to worry about mana TBH, just get Tears of Goddess early on and you are set for the rest of the game.

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Ok i have been playing annie consistently lately and out of 5 games i have only done poorly one game. My item build consists of this and it is in order of buying them throughout the game:

Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions

By the time my 3 hp potions are gone i have approximately 2300 gold from creep kills and 0 hero kills

Catalyst the Protector (ruby pendant and sapphire pendant and recipe) and Sorcerors Shoes (The boots you already have the recipe and amplifying tome)

Back out into the lane, you now have the hp movement speed and a minor AP adjustment, time to start murdering heroes. Now through out the game as you come back you will buy these in respective order:

Mejai's Soulstealer (Blasting Wand and Amplifying tome and Recipe)
Tear of the Goddess (Faerie Charm and Sapphire Crystal)
Rod of Ages (The catalyst you already have and blasting wand and the recipe)
Archangels Staff (The tear you already have and blasting wand and the recipe)
Rylais Scepter (Giants Belt Amplifying Tome Blasting Wand and the recipe)
Zhonya's Ring (Amplifying Tome Blasting Wand x2 and the recipe)
Sorcerors Shoes ( You should already have these)

That is the final line up of items i have for my typical build
It combines good ability power, the use of catalyst to keep you in your lane early, decent movement speed, pretty beefy hitpoints between rylais and Rod of Ages, and even a slowing aspect from rylais, and archangels covers your mana pool and mana regen more than you could ever need.